1.What Do Bear Hair vitamins  Do?

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins gives you everything you need to grow the healthiest longest hair possible, it does this by:
• Growing longer and stronger hair
• Nourishing your hair from within
• Improving overall health
• Increasing hair strength
• Improving hair elasticity
• Stopping hair breakage

2.I can’t consume Biotin, can I still take the vitamins?
Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins comes with 5000 mcg of Biotin. If you are sensitive to Biotin, we recommend contacting your doctor first. 

3.Are there any side effects?
Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins is free of any side effects. It is best to review the ingredients for any sensitivities or allergies you may have.

4.Can men take Bear Hair vitamins?
Absolutely! The vitamins were formulated for all genders and all hair types. Sugar Bear Hair Wholesale and Retail all available! Sugar Bear Hair Cheap Wholesale price 12 USD/bottle! 

5.Can I take the vitamins while I’m breastfeeding or pregnant?
We recommend speaking to your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing to get approval for the vitamins. 

6.Will I start growing hair all over my body?
Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins are hormone free and therefore won’t make the hair on your face or body grow longer or thicker. 

7.How many vitamins should I take?
We recommend taking 2 gummy hair vitamins a day. You can eat the bears anytime of day, together or separate, with or without food! 

8.Will my hair fall out if I stop taking the vitamins?
No, your hair will not start to fall out when you stop taking the vitamins. 

9.Where do you ship to? 
We ship WORLDWIDE! We are proud to ship worldwide! For all international shipments, we use DHL, and EMS.

10.Which international option is better? 
We highly recommend using our DHL Express option as it is the fastest, most convenient and most secure method. Shipments typically take between 3 – 7 days (after processing) and are fully-trackable. Your DHL tracking link is included with your shipping confirmation message. 

11.What are your shipping charges? 
Exact shipping and delivery charges are determined by your location and the package weight. Please utilize the shipping calculator at checkout for your specific shipment.

12.How many unites each bottle?
About 60 gummies each bottle.

13.How many bottles each carton?What is the size of package and gross weight?
24 bottles each carton,the carton size is 39x28x13 cm,gross weight is 5 kg.

14.When does the package ship? 
Orders are processed for shipment within 2-3 days. Processing may take longer if the order was placed around the Holidays or on a weekend. 

15.How long does shipping take? 
It will take about 3-7 days after processing. 

16.Will I be charged duty fees? 
Most of our orders are free of any Import Taxes or Duty Fees, we cannot be held responsible for any taxes, seizures or fees from importing our product. By complying with all local standards and regulations, we do our very best avoid any possible charges your country may assess your shipment. The final decision is decided by your country’s import regulations. You may contact your local customs agent if you have any questions regarding additional fees on your shipment. 

17.How do I track my package? 
We send a tracking link to track your package in all shipping confirmation emails! 

18.I did not receive a shipping or order confirmation? 
Please email us at wilsonsugarbearhair@gmail.com to confirm your order was placed. Our emails could be ending up in your spam box or an incorrect email was entered at the time of checkout.

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