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Vitamin A is only found in animal foods, with the highest content of animal liver. For example, every 100 grams of chicken liver contains 50,500 international units of vitamin A, 29,900 international units of goat liver(sugar bear hair private label), and 18,300 international units of beef liver. Others such as duck liver and pig liver also have 8900 and 8700 international units per 100 grams. Egg yolk foods such as egg yolk, butter, butter, and whole milk are also good sources of vitamin A.

Human milk contains vitamin A higher than milk content by 70% to 80%. Aquatic products such as river crab, scutellaria, snail, and octopus are also rich in vitamin A. Cod liver oil has a particularly rich vitamin A(sugar bear hair wholesale) content of 85,000 IU/100 g, which is usually used as a supplement source for vitamin A, but it should be noted that it should not be eaten to avoid symptoms of poisoning.

Although vegetable foods do not contain vitamin A, they contain vitamin A, the original carotenoid. Carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body, so it is an important source of vitamin A in the body, and some even become the main and almost only source (such as vegetarians). The color of vegetables(sugar bear hair cheap) and fruits is darker, or the content of carotene in yellow orange and red is more abundant. Carrots are a rich source of carotene, containing 2110 micrograms (red) to 4050 micrograms (yellow) per 100 grams of carrots. 

Red pepper, spinach, sweet potato, winter leeks, leeks and so on have more carotene. The fruits are high in column fruits, apricots and persimmons.In addition, the content of laver in pumpkins and algae in melons is also high. The measurement unit of vitamin A is more complicated(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale) and diverse, which is caused by the diversity of vitamin A and the diversity of carotene. The main representative of vitamin A is retinol, the main representative of which is β-carotene.

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