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Wholesale Sugar Bear Hair Halal Dubai

Vitamin A: a female skin care expert. Vitamins A are called “female skin care experts” in the vitamin family. They are also called beauty vitamins(OEM Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins). They can maintain the integrity and normal function of tissue cells, promote collagen regeneration, and accelerate the keratin metabolism of skin cells, thus providing anti-wrinkle beauty. The role.

Applicable people: long-term wear contact lenses and women who must look at the computer screen for a long time. Excessively moving women. Acne and keratosis abnormalities. Winter is prone to a cold. Pregnant women and lactating women(sugar bear hair wholesale). When taking drugs with high levels of cholesterol. Foods rich in vitamin A: Vitamin A is only found in animal foods. The liver, cod liver oil, caviar, whole milk, butter, eggs and so on are the best sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin B1: a psychotherapist. It has a good influence on nervous tissue and mental state, so it is also called "mental physiotherapist". Applicable people: girls with poor appetite, gastrointestinal disease, dry hair, memory loss, cramps. Women who smoke, drink, and love sugar(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking birth control pills need a lot of vitamin B1. Girls in a state of tension, such as illness, anxiety, mental shock, and post-operative.

Women who often do intense sports. A woman who has an unbalanced diet and often eats outside. Foods rich in vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is widely found in various foods, such as germ and rice bran in grains; animal internal organs such as liver, kidney, heart, etc.; beans and nuts such as sesame, peanut, corn, soybean(sugar bear hair wholesale price) , peas, etc.

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