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Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Europe Price

Each cigarette emits hundreds of harmful substances that produce aggressive "free radicals" in the human body. This oxide can damage the genetic material in the nucleus(sugarbearhair wholesale), and vitamins and minerals are powerful helpers to eliminate "free radicals." You need it urgently: add vitamin A to capture "free radicals." It first kills free radicals from cells in the lungs and bronchi, which helps prevent lung cancer.

However, it should be noted that if you take a larger dose (drug dose), you will lose its proper function, so the best vitamin supplement is our three meals a day; trace element selenium can protect the body cells from Toxic by smoke(sugarbearhair cheap); women who smoke are often deficient in vitamin B2, so they need extra supplements every day.

Source and daily demand: Vitamin A: 50 grams of beef liver, 150 grams of carrots or 100 grams of salmon; selenium: 100 grams of oatmeal; vitamin B2: 60 grams of chicken liver, 1 liter of milk or 200 grams of cheese.

Foods rich in vitamin B6: meat (especially liver), fish such as squid, sardines, mackerel, flounder, soy beans, chickpeas in beans, sunflower seeds in nuts(sugarbearhair wholesale price), walnuts, etc. There are also beer yeast, wheat bran, malt, melon, cabbage, brown rice, eggs, oats, peanuts and the like.

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