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In principle, it is best to get enough vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Because, in addition to vitamins, minerals and trace elements, vegetables and fruits are also rich in water, which can promote bowel movements and help vitamins work better. The physiological activity of vitamin B12 depends to a large extent on cobalt. Cobalt can reduce the oxygen consumption of tissues, thereby improving the tolerance to hypoxia and promoting the vitality of body tissues in anoxic environment.

The amount of semen produced is also less than that of other people, affecting normal sexual function.Vegetarians are good, and can effectively prevent a variety of cardiovascular problems, but in fact, it may also lead to other conditions(sugar bear hair wholesale), such as inadequate nutrition intake. Women who are often vegetarians are able to get enough vitamins (A, C, B1) and folic acid because fruits, vegetables and other plant foods are rich in these nutrients.

For a long time, vegetarians will be deficient in vitamin B12, and the concentration of sperm in semen is significantly lower than other people. However, vitamin B12 or vitamin D needs to be obtained from animal foods, so women with food need special attention. You need it urgently: add vitamin B12(sugarbear hair cheap), vitamin D and iron, because this is the nutrient that you lack the most. The typical lack of symptoms are: lack of concentration, digestive aspects, and small problems that are not solved. weak.

Source and daily demand: Vitamin B12: 450 grams of low-fat yogurt, 150 grams of cheese, 300 grams of sour pickles; vitamin D: 175 grams of avocado(sugarbear hair wholesale price), 220 grams of porcini or 2 eggs; iron: 150 grams of pumpkin seeds or 200 grams of millet. Vitamin A's main function is to promote protein synthesis. Vitamin A deficiency can affect the spermatogenic cells of male testis tissue, degeneration of the vas deferens, decreased testicular weight, small seminal vesicles, and keratinization of the prostate.

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