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What do women eat multivitamins supplements? Women can take the multivitamins needed by the human body through eight kinds of foods, such as kiwi, red dates, mango, persimmon, watermelon, orange, and orange(sugar bear hair wholesale). Of course, avoid mistakes in the process of vitamin supplementation. Kiwifruit has a very high vitamin C content. A kiwi contains more than twice as much vitamin C as a person needs, and it also contains other vitamins, amino acids, hydrolases and minerals that are beneficial to the human body.

Jujube is the food that everyone eats. The vitamin C in the red dates is very rich. Everyone can eat about 3 capsules during normal times. Strawberry nutrients promote the growth and development of human bones(sugar bear hair cheap), skin and nervous system. Strawberry has a high vitamin C content. Eating 4-5 strawberries a day can satisfy the amount of vitamin C (50 mg) required by an adult a day.

Mango is a tropical fruit that many people like to eat. It has a rich fruity flavor, a sweet taste and a high nutrient content. Its vitamin C content is higher than that of ordinary fruits. The carotene content is the highest in the fruit, and it is still a minority(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Protein-containing fruit. Persimmons are sweet and contain a lot of water, sugar, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, etc., which can effectively provide the body with nutrients and intracellular fluids.

Many people only know that watermelon has a rich water content. It is a fruit that can quickly replenish sugar and body fluids, but it does not know that it contains almost all the nutrients necessary for the human body, including vitamin C. Oranges and oranges contain a lot of water, rich in vitamins, rich in sugars, organic acids and sugars. They are the best source of vitamin C and potassium(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). It is very helpful to regulate the body's metabolism. Apricot is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B17, and contains sugar and protein.

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