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Due to lifestyle habits, disease restrictions, religious beliefs, etc., there are many temporary, long-term and even life-long vegetarians. Pure vegetarian diets are limited to plant foods, and some vegetarians allow eggs and milk to be present in recipes(sugar bear hair wholesale). American nutritionist Ensminger et al. pointed out that although vegetarian diet can reduce the incidence of certain diseases, vegetarians should pay attention to the following vitamins in case of non-uniformity in the content and distribution of vitamins in food.

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(sugarbearhair vitamins philippines)Vitamin B12 is basically derived from animal foods, so vegetarians often lack vitamin B12. It has been found that people who continue to eat vegetarian food for five years and who do not eat eggs and milk often suffer from oral, tongue and menstrual conditions, and have various neurological symptoms(sugar bear hair wholesale price), including hand and foot pain, neuritis, spinal pain and stiff skin. These illnesses are quickly eliminated after vitamin B12 supplementation. Long-term lack of vitamin B12 can also cause pernicious anemia, life-threatening.

Some seaweed, algae, and fermented plant foods, such as bean curd, soybean meal, watercress, and soy sauce, contain a small amount of vitamin B2, but often do not meet the needs of the body(sugar bear hair cheap). Strict vegetarians are best supplemented from fortified foods. Vitamin B2 (ie riboflavin) in plant foods is usually less abundant than animal foods. Long-term vegetarians often lack vitamin B2, which leads to a series of inflammations, such as dermatitis, glossitis, angular cheilitis, and some skin, eye and other diseases.

(sugarbearhair vitamins philippines)Patients should be supplemented with egg-milk food. If you do not eat egg-milk, you should add more vitamin B, such as beans and mushrooms, which are rich in plant food. Soy sauce that strengthens vitamin B2 can also be eaten to make up for it. Vitamin D is also found only in animal foods, and its high quality sources are fish, liver and egg products(sugar bear hair women's multi). Vegetarians have more vitamin D deficiency. Sun exposure can convert the original vitamin D in the skin into vitamin D. It is often used as an outdoor activity to make up for the lack of vitamin D in the diet.

But vegetarians don't go out to the sun, or in dark and smoky areas, these people need to pay attention to vitamin D supplementation. In addition, if the mother's vegetarian diet causes vitamin deficiency, it will seriously affect the growth and development of the baby(sugar bear hair usa). Therefore, during pregnancy and lactating mothers, it is necessary to prevent malnutrition, and the vitamin supply should be strengthened. For foods that strengthen vitamins, there must be selective trade-offs, not over-correction, resulting in an unbalanced supply of vitamins or excessive intake of certain vitamins.

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