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Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins In South Africa

The rapid development of infants and young children is an important development period for people's physical and mental health in their lifetime. However, the digestive capacity of infants and young children is not yet mature(sugarbearhair women's multi). If improper feeding, it will cause digestive disorders and malnutrition, while reducing the body's resistance, affecting health and growth. Although vitamins can not supply infants with heat, they are essential nutrients for regulating and maintaining metabolism. It is necessary to supply them reasonably to ensure the healthy development of infants and young children.

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(sugar bear hair vitamins in south africa)Vitamin A is mainly to promote the growth of infants and young children, increase the resistance to infectious diseases, prevent the dryness and deterioration of mucous membranes such as conjunctiva and nose, mouth and respiratory organs, maintain normal vision, dark adaptation ability, and prevent night blindness(sugarbearhair wholesale). In the case of infants and young children, if they lack vitamin A, they will not gain weight, and the epithelial keratinization and dry eye disease in various parts of the body will be severely deficient and may even lead to death. According to estimates by relevant UN organizations, there are currently 20 to 40 million children in the world who need to take the right amount of vitamin A.

If these malnourished children in the world have the right amount of vitamin A, their mortality can be cut in half. The main source of vitamin A in infants and young children is richest in liver and egg yolk, followed by milk(sugarbearhair wholesale price). In addition, dark green or red, yellow fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin D is related to calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and promotes the formation of bones, which is extremely important for infants and young children with strong growth and development.(sugar bear hair vitamins in south africa)

If vitamin D is deficient, it can cause rickets. There are very few foods containing vitamin D. Cod liver oil is an important source for infants and young children. Others such as liver, egg and milk contain a small amount of vitamin D. Sunlight can make vitamin-born infants under the skin very sensitive to vitamin deficiency(sugarbearhair europe). It is also particularly sensitive to the side effects caused by excessive vitamins. This is because the body development of infants and young children is not fully mature and plasticity is large.

(sugar bear hair vitamins in south africa)The harm caused by excessive vitamins should also be fully recognized and valued. For example, excessive intake of vitamin A can cause vomiting, lethargy, headache, bone pain, rash and other symptoms(cheap sugar bear hair). Excessive vitamin D can reduce appetite, kidney and heart calcification, developmental disorders, and even death. Therefore, infants who eat cod liver oil, especially concentrated cod liver oil, must follow the doctor's advice and do not overdo it.

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