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Folic acid is a b-vitamin widely found in green vegetables. It was named "folic acid" because it was first extracted from plant leaves. The chemical name of folic acid is "pteroylglutamic acid"(sugar bear hair women's multi), which is a combination of acridinic acid, p-aminobenzoic acid and glutamic acid. The important nutritional effects of folic acid on the human body have been confirmed as early as 1948, and human (or other animals) such as lack of folic acid can cause macrocytic anemia and leukopenia.

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(sugar bear hair malaysia price)In addition, the study also found that folic acid is especially important for pregnant women. If folic acid is absent within the first 3 months of pregnancy, it can lead to defects in fetal neural tube development, thereby increasing the incidence of split brain and brainless children(sugar bear hair stockists). Secondly, pregnant women often supplement folic acid to prevent congenital malformations such as underweight, premature birth and cleft palate (rabbit). In recent years, scholars at home and abroad have discovered that folic acid has many interesting new uses, including:

Anti-tumor effects Foreign researchers have found that folic acid can cause apoptosis in cancer cells and has a certain effect on the gene expression of cancer cells, so it belongs to a natural anti-cancer vitamin(sugar bear hair wholesale). It has promoted the development of nerve cells and brain cells in infants and young children. Studies abroad have shown that the addition of folic acid to infant foods under 3 years old helps to promote the growth of brain cells and enhances intelligence. The US Food and Drug Administration (fda) has approved folic acid to be added to infant formula as a health food additive.

(sugar bear hair malaysia price)Other effects Domestic and foreign researchers have found that folic acid can be used as adjunctive therapeutic agent for patients with schizophrenia, and it has a significant alleviation effect on this disease. In addition, folic acid can also be used to treat chronic atrophic gastritis, inhibit bronchial squamous transformation(sugar bear hair wholesale price), and prevent coronary atherosclerosis, myocardial damage and myocardial infarction caused by hyperhomocysteinemia. All in all, folic acid has become a new health care vitamin product in the international market after vitamin c and vitamin e, and its market prospect is very broad.

According to a new study from Canada, breast cancer patients who take large amounts of vitamins and minerals during routine treatment may be more likely to relapse or even die than without taking these health supplements(sugar bear hair cheap). A recent report published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment stated that a 5-year trial showed that breast cancer patients taking vitamin C, carotenoids, niacin b3, zinc, and selenium had a survival rate of 72% without taking any Breast cancer patients with such health supplements have a survival rate of 81%.(sugar bear hair malaysia price)

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