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There are more than 12 kinds of vitamin B family, and there are nine kinds of essential vitamins recognized by the world, all of which are water-soluble vitamins. The time of staying in the body is only a few hours, and must be replenished every day(sugarbearhair retailers). Group B is an essential nutrient for all human tissues and is the key to the release of energy from food. All are coenzymes involved in the metabolism of sugar, protein and fat in the body and are therefore classified as a family. All vitamin B must work at the same time, called the fusion of VB.

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(sugar bear hair vitamins singapore)Ingestion of a certain VB alone, as the activity of the cells increases, so that the demand for other VBs increases, so the role of various VBs complement each other(sugarbearhair wholesale). The so-called "cask principle", all cells have the same demand for VB. B vitamins closely related to skin care include B1.B2.B3.B5.B6 and H, and the like. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, inhibits cholinesterase activity, reduces skin inflammatory response, and has the effect of preventing seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and improving skin health.

Mainly from cereals, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, egg yolk, lean meat, liver, yeast, bran, peanuts and so on. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, participates in the redox reaction of cells, the synthesis of hemoglobin and the metabolism of sugar(sugarbearhair wholesale price), protein and fat, which can help the skin resist the damage of sunlight and promote cell regeneration. When the body is deficient in vitamin B2, the skin is sensitive to sunlight and prone to solar dermatitis.

(sugar bear hair vitamins singapore)It was sun-dried for a long time, and the face was red and itchy, and powder appeared around the nose. Mainly from egg yolk, milk, yeast, green leafy vegetables, rice bran, germ, animal liver and kidney, carrot, brewing yeast, fish, orange, mandarin, orange and so on. Wash your hair and comb your hair(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Each morning and evening, each time you comb, it can stimulate the scalp and improve the ventilation between the hair. Since the scalp is a place that is prone to sweating, diligent shampooing and combing can help prevent baldness and dandruff.

A cigarette can destroy 25 to 100 milligrams of vitamins (already containing synthetic vitamin D (almost all of the milk we buy) will capture magnesium from the body. People living in polluted cities live in the countryside(sugarbearhair women's multi). The amount of vitamin 1) is less, because the smoke in the air blocks the sun's ultraviolet rays. Drinking more than 1 cup of cocktail a day, the price of "floating" is to consume vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and folic acid.

(sugar bear hair vitamins singapore)Most people do not know that contraceptives have side effects that hinder the absorbability of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folic acid and vitamin C. In terms of weight per pound, children need 15 to 2 times more protein than adults, while infants need more than 3 times more than adults(sugar bear hair usa)! Cancer researchers found that vitamin C, vitamin E and some in cabbage , Brussels sprouts, and chemicals known as cockroaches found in the Brassica family are potent and no side effects inhibitors for certain carcinogens.

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