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The nutritional needs of school-age children (7-12 years old) and adolescents (13-19 years old) are different from those of infants and adults. The weight of school-age children increased steadily, but their mental development and physical activity increased(sugar bear hair manufacturer). To adolescence, weight, height and rapid growth, physiological and psychological changes are great, is the key period of human life long body, long knowledge. Usually 50% of the body's total weight and 15% of its height are acquired during adolescence.(sugar bear hair rotterdam)

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Rational nutrition supply plays a key role in this period. As an important component of nutrients, vitamin supply is crucial to the development of children and adolescents(sugarbearhair womens multi). It can improve the body's reactivity and promote the development of acquired immunity, and ensure the healthy growth of children and adolescents. Relevant data reported that more children than adults suffer from vitamin A deficiency worldwide. Due to the low consumption of milk, eggs and animal food in the diet of the Chinese people, and the partial diet of some adolescents, the supply of vitamin A is often insufficient.

(sugar bear hair rotterdam)According to the survey, the average daily intake of primary school students is 40%-70% of the standard of supply, while that of middle school students is only 60%-0%. Vitamin A is a necessary nutrient for maintaining health and promoting growth(cheap sugar bear hair). Besides getting it from liver, eggs, milk and other foods, it can also eat dark green or red or yellow vegetables and fruits to supplement the deficiency of vitamin A. Because the carotene in plant foods can be converted into vitamin A in the human body.

Children and adolescents are active, so their calorie intake increases, while the demand for vitamins B, B, and niacin increases with their calorie intake(sugar bear hair usa). Vitamin B, insufficient, sugar metabolism hindered, vitamin B2 deficiency, protein metabolism disorders, resulting in poor digestion and absorption, seriously affecting growth and development. Therefore, the supply of vitamin B1, B2 and nicotinic acid should be increased appropriately.(sugar bear hair rotterdam)

When people choose drinks in summer, they often choose products rich in vitamin C, which can both quench thirst and supplement nutrition. But people may not know that the same drink, different filling methods of vitamin content is not the same. At present, most of the plastic bottled fruit juice drinks on the market in China are made by traditional hot filling method(sugar bear hair stockists). There are two traditional hot filling methods: one is called high temperature hot filling, which is to mix fruit juice products and then fill them at high temperature, and then keep a certain temperature for sterilization.

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