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These vitamins are abundant in cereals and meat. Attention should be paid to the loss of vitamins in white rice noodles, so we should advocate eating more ordinary rice noodles and miscellaneous grains(sugar bear hair wholesale). Most of the vitamin C obtained by children and adolescents in China comes from processed and cooked vegetables. Vitamin C in the process of cooking, if the method is not appropriate, the loss is very great. A nutritional survey of more than 900 middle school students aged 13-15 found that their dietary vitamin C supply had exceeded the standard, but due to the loss of a lot of processing, 52.2% of the intake was still inadequate.

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(sugarbearhair vitamins discount)Vitamin C can promote development and enhance children's resistance to disease, prevent bone fragility and tooth loosening. During the period of rapid growth and development and increase of physical activity, the body's demand for vitamin C also increases, so attention should be paid to supplementation(sugar bear hair women's multi). Besides eating more fresh vegetables, we should also eat more fruits to get more vitamin C. Because fruit has little loss of vitamin C than vegetables without cooking.

Although the skeletal development of school-age children and adolescents is slower than that of infants, vitamin D should be supplied to prevent rickets or arm osteoporosis(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Because sunlight can produce vitamin D in the skin, people who often take part in outdoor activities are not prone to vitamin D deficiency. However, in areas with short sunshine, heavily polluted air and people with less outdoor activities, we should pay attention to the deficiency of vitamin D in vivo, and supplement vitamin D preparations or cod liver oil when necessary.

(sugarbearhair vitamins discount)In order to promote the growth and development of children and adolescents, attention should also be paid to the supply of folic acid and vitamin B12. Folic acid, as a carrier of methyl, participates in the biosynthesis of nucleic acid, which is particularly important in the replication process of cell growth. Its efficacy is also related to the adequacy of vitamin B12(sugar bear hair cheap). Lack of folic acid and vitamin B can also lead to anemia and damage to the nervous system, which has a great impact on the intellectual and physical development of adolescents.

The other is pasteurization by filling at medium temperature, that is, adding preservatives after mixing fruit juice products, and then filling them at normal ambient temperature. These two technologies kill bacteria, but the heat-sensitive components (vitamin C content) are also much lost. The longer the heat treatment time, the greater the impact on the taste and quality of beverages, will cause serious loss of fruit nutrition(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Nowadays, Europe has adopted the most advanced aseptic cold filling technology, that is, UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, and then filling at 25 ~C room temperature, to minimize the heating time of fruit juice, to ensure good taste and vitamin C nutrition.

(sugarbearhair vitamins discount)China's first aseptic cold filling production line has been put into use in Huiyuan Group. Huiyuan real fresh orange juice beverage is the unveiling of the "cold" era of beverages. Unification and Master Kang have obviously accelerated the pace of introducing sterile cold filling technology of pet(sugar bear hair stockists). It is believed that more products will be added to the technological upgrading of this industry. For consumers, choose aseptic cold-filled beverages, which have more comprehensive nutritional components.

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