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T.G. Randolph Botu, a famous allergist, said that people who are receptive to the chemical properties of natural substances may have adverse reactions when using synthetic substances, although the two substances have the same chemical structure(sugar bear hair stockists). However, people allergic to pollen may have adverse reactions when taking natural vitamin C, which may contain pollen impurities. In fact, only 2-10% of inorganic iron is absorbed in human body.

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(sugar bear hair vitamins nz)Most people who have tried synthetic and natural substances affirm that natural supplements rarely cause gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, most importantly, even if the intake of natural vitamins exceeds the recommended intake, it will not cause harmful toxic and negative effects(sugar bear hair usa). What often leads to misunderstanding is the difference between inorganic and organic, which is different from the difference between synthetic and natural. All vitamins are organic because they contain carbon.

As a nutritional supplement, vitamin preparations contain more additives than we think. Sometimes, besides what is written on the label, it contains other substances(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Generally on the label, if not necessary, it will not be marked with filler. Adhesive, lubricant. But if you want to know what substances you actually take, the names listed below may be helpful. Inactive substances such as fillers or diluents are added to tablets to increase the volume of compressed vitamins.

(sugar bear hair vitamins nz)Calcium diphosphate is rich in rust and phosphorus and is commonly used in high-quality vitamins. This is a white powder extracted from purified ore. Sorbitol or plant cellulose are also commonly used(sugarbearhair womens multi). What is added to the vitamin supplement? The binder can make the substance of the powder cohesive. In addition, the binder has become one of the components of the whole tablet. The most commonly used are cellulose and ethyl cellulose. Cellulose is the main component of plant fibers.

The other common adhesives you have to pay attention to are Arabic gum (acacia gum) - resin extracted from plants. Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declares it generally considered safe, gum arabic can cause mild to severe asthma and can cause rashes in asthmatic patients, pregnant women and anyone with allergic tendencies(cheap sugar bear hair). Lubricant is a substance added to prevent tablets from sticking to the pressing machine. Calcium stearate and silicon dioxide are commonly used. Calcium stearate is a natural vegetable oil. Silica is a natural white powder. Magnesium stearate is sometimes used.

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