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I often watch TV to add vitamin A to the cinema to watch movies. When the movie has already begun to show, I enter the auditorium. People have such a feeling(sugar bear hair cheap). Except for the screen of the screen, the surrounding area is dark and nothing can be seen. After a few minutes, I slowly adapted to see the chairs, the audience and other things around me. To explain this phenomenon, it is necessary to be linked to vitamin A. The structure of the human eye is much like a camera.(sugarbearhair in london)

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People can see things because the foreign matter is reflected on the retina in the eye. There are two kinds of cells on the retina that are stimulated: one is a cone, which is a strong light, and the other is a rod, which is a weak light(sugar bear hair usa). Cone cells are sensitive and can be seen at once. Rod cells are slow to sensitize, and it takes a while to observe what is around them. When suddenly coming from the glare of the cinema to the low-light auditorium, it depends on the rod cells to observe, so it takes a few minutes to see the darker objects.

(sugarbearhair in london)The ability of rod cells to sense weak light comes from a chemical called rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is formed by the combination of vitamin A and protein. If there is not enough vitamin A in the body, the regeneration of rhodopsin will be hindered and made lack of people. People can't see things under low light(sugar bear hair wholesale). This is night blindness. People who often watch TV, the consumption of rhodopsin is particularly large, and it requires more vitamin A supplement to maintain normal vision.

In addition, workers who often work night shifts, car drivers, crew members, especially those who often drive at night, and computer operators should also add more vitamin A to improve their ability to adapt to dim light. Otherwise, the sensitivity to low light is reduced, the dark adaptation ability is reduced, and accidents are prone to occur(sugar bear hair wholesale price). There is a "dark adaptation method" in medicine, which uses the speed at which a person looks at an object in low light to determine whether the body lacks vitamin A and the degree of deficiency.(sugarbearhair in london)

The rickets caused by vitamin D deficiency (commonly known as rickets) is one of the four common diseases in children. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D. So, can we use cod liver oil to prevent rickets? In addition to vitamin D, cod liver oil is also rich in vitamin A, which can be said to be both a nutrient and a therapeutic drug(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Generally, every 100 grams of cod liver oil contains vitamin A85000 international units, and vitamin D has only 8500 international units, the former is 10 times of the latter (calculated according to international units).

The daily intake of vitamin D for infants and children recommended by the health and nutrition departments at home and abroad is about 400 international units (10 micrograms of vitamin D), and vitamin A needs about 1500 to 2500 international units (450 to 750 micrograms of vitamin A). The vitamin A requirement for newborn infants is even lower(sugar bear hair women's multi). Therefore, when taking cod liver oil to treat rickets, vitamin D satisfies the need for treatment, while vitamin A accumulates in the body and may cause poisoning.

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