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Precautions for daily intake of vitamins, if people are in a critical state of vitamin C deficiency, they may develop drowsiness, fatigue, and infection(sugar bear hair stockists). In severe cases, bleeding of the gums may occur, and wound healing may be delayed after the injury. So who needs vitamin C more? People who work hard and learn, nervousness will inhibit the function of the immune system, reduce its efficiency, and easily promote the resurrection of latent viruses in the body.

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(sugarbear hair vitamins canada)During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the level of vitamin C in women's body is lower than usual, resulting in low resistance to colds, and many cold medicines have side effects on pregnant women, so colds are often regarded as the biggest during pregnancy(sugarbearhair womens multi). trouble". People with iron deficiency in the body, iron deficiency is not only because of the lack of iron absorption, but more importantly, the body's ability to absorb iron from food. Vitamin C helps the body's ability to absorb iron from non-meat foods up to 10 times when the body is deficient in iron.

People who smoke regularly, smokers consume more vitamin C than the general population. Studies have shown that the demand for vitamins in heavy smokers is more than 40% higher than that of non-smokers(cheap sugar bear hair). Such as vitamin AD fortified milk, each bottle of milk (250 ml) contains vitamin A500 international units. The vitamin D150 international unit, the ratio of the two is 3.3 to 1 (in terms of international units), which is much lower than the ratio of the two in cod liver oil.

(sugarbear hair vitamins canada)The concentration and proportion of vitamin AD in this milk are suitable for the growth and development of children in China(sugar bear hair manufacturer), and can be used as a preventive or as a therapeutic treatment to prevent diseases caused by vitamin A and vitamin D deficiency such as rickets. Pregnant women take two-way treatment to ensure the health of the mother, but also prevent neonatal congenital rickets.

A study by a Brazilian nutritionist found that people with darker skin are more likely to lack vitamin D than those with lighter skin under the same diet and sunshine conditions. Especially in the summer, the amount of vitamin D synthesis in white-skinned people rises rapidly, while the number of people with dark skin is less(sugarbearhair europe). There is a substance called dehydrocholesterol in the skin of the human body that synthesizes vitamin D under ultraviolet light. However, studies have shown that the ability to synthesize vitamin D is poor in pigmented skin cells.

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