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Because the yellow race and the black race have more pigments in their skin, their vitamin D synthesis ability is lower than that of Caucasians(sugar bear hair wholesale). Therefore, people with insufficient sunshine are prone to vitamin D deficiency. Brazilian experts believe that this may be the result of an ecological adaptation. Because white people live in cold areas and have less ultraviolet light in contact with sunlight, their skin cells have a strong ability to synthesize vitamin D. 

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(sugarbearhair phone number)Conversely, people of color generally live in areas with sufficient sunshine, and will not be lack of sunshine. Reduce the synthesis of vitamin D, so the synthesis of vitamin D is low(sugar bear hair women's multi). In modern life, people with dark skin or white skin are mainly indoors, and they receive very little sunshine. In this case, the possibility of vitamin D deficiency in people with darker skin increases, and attention should be paid to supplementing milk, animal offal and fortified foods containing vitamin D.

Italian scientists have found that women who consume less vitamin E have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, even in the absence of other risk factors(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Studies have shown that women who consume the most vitamin E have the least likelihood of developing fatty plaque at the carotid bifurcation. In general, the carotid bifurcation is where fatty plaques are most likely to begin to accumulate. The formation of this fatty plaque, called atherosclerosis, is the most important risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

(sugarbearhair phone number)Researchers at the University of Federicoii in Italy believe that this finding suggests that vitamin E, often found in nuts, olive oil and certain vegetables, will prevent early aggregation of fatty plaques(sugar bear hair cheap). The researchers surveyed 310 subjects aged 30-69 years and tested levels of vitamins a, c, e and other antioxidants in their blood. Studies have found that women who eat the most foods rich in vitamin E have the lowest levels of fat plaque deposits at the carotid bifurcation.

Among menopausal women, those with the lowest levels of vitamin E intake have nearly three times more likely to develop arterial plaque regardless of age, smoking habits, blood pressure, body mass index, and other risk factors for heart disease(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). At the same time, the researchers also found that those who have lower levels of vitamin E in the blood relative to cholesterol levels will double the likelihood of carotid plaque. It was also found in the study that other antioxidants, such as vitamins a, c, and beta carotene, were not associated with the formation of fatty plaques.

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