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Scientists are divided roughly into two groups about whether vitamins can be overtaken. The controversy between the two groups is not whether excessive vitamins have toxic and side effects on the human body, because it is a well-recognized fact(sugar bear hair wholesale). Their debate is mainly about whether some water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, B and carotene (the precursor of vitamin a) can be taken in large doses. As we have already introduced, vitamins can be divided into two categories: fat-soluble and water-soluble.

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(wholesale sugar bear hair germany)When introducing vitamin D, we mentioned that vitamin D produced by human body in summer can be accumulated for use in winter. Most fat-soluble vitamins have this characteristic, that is, they can accumulate in the body day by day, so they are relatively easy to cause poisoning because of excess(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Vitamin A and vitamin D in particular need to be strictly controlled, because there have been accidents in India where excessive use of vitamin A has resulted in the death of young children.

Water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B are easily excreted with urine and are not easy to accumulate in the body, so unless you eat too much, it is generally believed that the chance of poisoning is much smaller(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Although the risk of poisoning is lower than that of fat-soluble vitamins, there is still a risk of poisoning. For example, taking vitamin C more than 4 grams per day (equivalent to eating half a bottle of vitamin C per day) can cause urethral calculi, and taking beta-carotene more than 50 mg/day (about 10 capsules) can cause skin diseases.

Vitamin E may cause changes in liver function if taken in excess of 10,000 units per day (about 100 pills of vitamin e). So some experts strongly oppose taking large doses of vitamins, believing that abuse of vitamins may be worthwhile(sugar bear hair women's multi). Other experts believe that although the experiment proved to have side effects, few people in real life would take such a large dose of vitamins in a day almost "crazily", so the so-called experimental results are not enough to worry about.

(wholesale sugar bear hair germany)As long as the limit is not reached, there is no problem with taking excessive amounts of water-soluble and antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C(sugar bear hair cheap). Since experts have different opinions, whether patients take large doses of vitamins or not depends on their own judgment. There is no scientific evidence that high doses of vitamins are beneficial to health. On the contrary, there is growing evidence that high doses often cause harm to the human body.

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