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In particular, large amounts of vitamin C or beta-carotene are more likely to have toxic side effects. Following are some common harms that can be caused by excessive use of vitamins: vitamin C (ascorbic acid) overdose, light lead to nausea(sugarbearhair wholesale), vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain; severe can also induce hematuria, kidney stones and even reduce the fertility of some women. Overdose of vitamin A may lead to metabolic disorders such as anemia, hair loss, eye pain, dizziness, vomiting and even exophthalmos. In addition, there may be sequelae.

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(wholesale sugar bear hair greece)There have been several incidents of infant poisoning and death caused by vitamin A abuse in India. Long-term excessive use of vitamin D in children can cause low fever, irritation, crying, anorexia, vomiting, malnutrition, weight loss; some patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes do not pay attention to drug combination and body absorption mechanism(sugarbearhair wholesale price); abuse of calcium can cause liver and spleen enlargement, kidney damage, and even aggravate the degree of myocardial infarction and heart failure, even protrusion. There was a fatal accident.

Vitamin E is also a kind of antioxidant, which can promote the growth of tissue cells. It is often used in the prevention and treatment of infertility, habitual abortion, cardiovascular diseases(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale), fatty liver, skin diseases and other diseases. However, long-term overdose may produce strong oxidative effect, which may cause adverse reactions such as overdevelopment, premature puberty and changes in sexual characteristics.(wholesale sugar bear hair greece)

Nowadays, many companies have introduced a variety of vitamin medicines, some of which are sustained-release capsules, and some even produce vitamins that can maintain a stable supply for a long time. Generally speaking, these medicines are much more expensive than general medicines(sugarbearhair women's multi). However, a meeting of experts convened by the National Academy of Sciences concluded that there was nothing better about these special drugs than ordinary ones. So keep in mind that the most expensive is not necessarily the most effective.

Pay attention to gastrointestinal maintenance. If there are no special circumstances, you should take vitamins at mealtime. In most cases, it is best to eat enough food to ensure that the stomach is not emptied to eat vitamins, in order to avoid nausea and stomachache and other discomfort symptoms(sugarbearhair cheap). Fat-soluble vitamins are best eaten with fatty foods. Vitamins a, d, E and K are fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins are best absorbed only when they contain fat in food.(wholesale sugar bear hair greece)

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