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The most abundant parts are the pituitary gland, adrenal gland and testis. In general, vitamin E uses its antioxidant properties to prevent heart disease. And it promotes circulation and helps prevent blood clotting(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Vitamin E also protects against certain cancers, delays aging and prevents cataracts. It also helps the immune system to function normally.(discount for sugar bear hair vitamins)

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Adult vitamin E deficiency can be distinguished by the following symptoms: premature aging, muscle weakness, difficulty in walking, vulnerability to infection, poor wound healing, and fatigue(sugarbearhair wholesale). The main diseases related to vitamin E deficiency are erythrocyte destruction, muscle degeneration, anemia and reproductive dysfunction. Although vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin stored in the body, vitamin E is the safest vitamin and has little toxicity.

(discount for sugar bear hair vitamins)The main food sources of vitamin E include malt, soybean, vegetable oil, nuts, sprouted cabbage, green leafy vegetables, spinach, nutrient-added flour, whole wheat, unrefined cereals and eggs(sugarbearhair women's multi). The recommended daily intake of vitamin E is 400-800iu, preferably through a-vitamin E. The mechanism of action of vitamin e: the effect of vitamin E is mainly as an antioxidant. It prevents the accumulation of free radicals and reduces the oxidation of oils and fats.

Vitamin B2 is water-soluble, easy to digest and absorb. The amount of excretion increases and decreases with the need of the body and the degree of protein loss. Like other B vitamins, they do not accumulate in the body(sugarbearhair wholesale price). So it is often supplemented with food or nutritional supplements. Vitamin B2 - also known as vitamin G. The unit of calculation is milligram. Unlike vitamin B1, vitamin B2 can resist heat, acid and oxidation, but it is easily damaged by light.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin B2 for adults is 1.2-1.7 mg. It takes 1.6 mg during pregnancy, 1.8 mg during lactation for the first six months and 1.7 mg for the next six months. People in stress should increase their intake of vitamin B2. The most common vitamin deficiency in Americans is riboflavin(sugarbearhair cheap). Effectiveness of vitamin B2: Promoting development and cell regeneration. Promote the normal growth of skin, nails and hair.(discount for sugar bear hair vitamins)

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