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In order to cure thoroughly, we should cooperate with the comprehensive treatment based on syndrome differentiation of Chinese patent medicines(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Many people's mouth blistering caused by fire, mouth blistering then need to eliminate some serious factors of fire, such as some irritating food, do not eat pepper, drinking need to pay attention to, eat more light food, eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement certain vitamins, and And the fire is very serious, we must carry out antibiotic treatment.

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(sugarbearhair gummy hair vitamins)Vitamin C is one of the substances with the least side effects among various nutrients or medicines (when used as medicines). Normally, there will be no excessive symptoms(sugar bear hair women's multi). But our country's relevant reports point out that when taking large doses of medicinal vitamin C, do not eat aquatic crustacean food at the same time, in order to prevent poisoning. Why? It turns out that aquatic crustaceans, especially shrimps and prawns, contain high concentrations of pentavalent arsenic compounds (non-toxic).

Vitamin C is a highly reductive substance. Large doses of vitamin C will convert pentavalent arsenic into toxic trivalent arsenic compounds, which is worthy of vigilance(sugar bear hair wholesale). Therefore, while taking large doses of vitamin C pills, do not eat aquatic crustaceans. A period of time should be intervened in order to prevent the two from reacting. However, the intake of vitamin C from normal food is very small, which will not cause such trouble and need not be overlooked.(sugarbearhair gummy hair vitamins)

Fruits lose more vitamin C in the long term. Some factors affect the content of vitamins in fruits. For example, in order to prevent pests and sunshine, some fruits are often wrapped in paper bags in the process of growth, resulting in a decrease in vitamin C content; fruits with long-term vitamin loss, such as summer plum fruits harvest, storage in cold storage, winter sales(sugar bear hair cheap), vitamin content of fruits will be greatly reduced; the longer the storage time of fruits, vitamin C content. The more the loss of vegetable is. There are many kinds of jujube, besides fresh jujube sold in the market, there are also dried jujube. 

Dry jujube is generally divided into "jujube" which is directly dried, and "black jujube" which is cooked in cotton seed and Pinus tabulaeformis flue-cured by smoke and fire. Chinese medicine classifies jujube as a kind of tonifying Qi medicine, which is called Ganping in nature and taste(sugar bear hair wholesale price). It has the effects of moistening heart and lung, relieving cough, tonifying five zang organs and treating deficiency. When the peristaltic motility of gastrointestinal tract is poor and the digestive and absorption function is poor, it is very suitable to eat jujube often to improve the intestinal and gastric function and gain body.

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