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Vitamin C is considered to be the main water-soluble antioxidant in the body(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). In the early days, vitamin C was found to prevent scurvy. Now, the focus of vitamin C research is its ability to protect cells in the human body. Vitamin C has many functions in the human body, including anti-cancer, preventing heart disease, improving the function of the immune system, preventing pollution and smoke, helping wound healing, reducing the risk of cataracts, and so on.

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(sugar bear hair buy online)Vitamin C deficiency includes fatigue, weight loss, bleeding gums, loose teeth, poor wound healing, joint pain, easy bruising, heart disease and easy infection, and easy cold(sugar bear hair wholesale). However, when vitamin C is taken in excess, it can cause side effects such as diarrhea, swelling, heartache, nausea, nausea, fatigue, insomnia or sleepiness. However, once the intake of vitamin C is reduced, these symptoms will gradually disappear.

Vitamin C is safer than other vitamins. The cross-infection effect of vitamin C has not been found. However, vitamin C must act in combination with other nutrients such as vitamin E, selenium and beta-carotene to enhance their effectiveness(sugar bear hair women's multi). It is recommended that the daily intake of vitamin C is 200mg/day, but there are also recommended 500-20,000mg/day, which indicates that the intake of vitamin C is basically safe and flexible.

In the large family of vitamins, vitamin C should be a very familiar one. But how much do we know about it? When people work under stress, the intake of vitamin C increases. Common vitamin c tablets are the most inexpensive way to supplement vitamin C(sugar bear hair wholesale price). The main sources of vitamin C in food include citrus fruits such as citrus, lemon, red fruit, red pepper, bell pepper, papaya, cantaloupe, broccoli, kale, strawberry, kiwi and so on. The fresher the fruits and vegetables, the higher the vitamin C content.

(sugar bear hair buy online)The secretion of histamine (histamine is a physiologically active amine, the molecular formula is c5h9n3, found in plant or animal tissues. Released from the body's immune system cells as part of an allergic reaction) is prevented by the vitamin C of white blood cells(sugar bear hair cheap). Decomposition of amines. Moreover, it also increases the level of interferon, the response of antibodies and the secretion of thymus hormone. Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron from food, possibly by reducing the ferric iron to ferrous iron.

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