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Dr. Adler Davis, a well-known American nutritionist, pointed out that vitamin E contained in unrefined vegetable oil can prevent the oxidative damage of carotene, adrenaline, sex hormones and vitamins A, D and K(cheap sugar bear hair). However, vitamin E is easily oxidized, and vitamin E is no longer present in refined oil, so it is best to use fresh unrefined vegetable oil.(wholesale sugar bear vitamins uk)

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This type of grease is becoming more common, such as refined oils, margarines, and the like. In recent years, humans have tripled their intake of this oil, causing an increase in heart and obesity-related diseases(sugar bear hair usa). Vegetable oils containing polyunsaturated fatty acids can lower cholesterol in the blood, such as olive oil, linseed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, etc., among which olive oil is the best. Coconut oil and palm oil contain higher levels of saturated fatty acids and should be used sparingly.

(wholesale sugar bear vitamins uk)In addition, when using these oils, pay attention to the expiration date, do not eat expired rancid oil, and have oily, precipitated floc oil to throw away(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Not only that, sour ham, sausage, bacon, and butter all contain oily and fat peroxides, and they should be discarded. As early as 1916, the scientist Bartman discovered that raw egg white had a series of adverse effects on the rats, but after heating and solidification, the egg whites were harmless.

Why is this? Later, people found that there is an avidin in the egg white that can be combined with biotin, one of the B vitamins, so that it cannot be absorbed and utilized by the intestines(sugar bear hair stockists). Under normal circumstances, people will not lack biotin, but eating too much raw eggs will interfere with the absorption and utilization of biotin in the human body, resulting in mental fatigue, loss of appetite, skin inflammation and dryness, body muscle pain and other symptoms.

Eating raw eggs often is not conducive to biotin absorption. In addition, some people use soy milk to eat eggs, if the eggs are not ripe, avidin will still interfere with the use of biotin, it is also worth noting(sugarbearhair womens multi). Of course, eggs can not be eaten raw, in addition to the harm of avidin, there are other unfavorable factors, such as bacterial infections, anti-protease factors, etc., will affect the body's digestion and absorption function.(wholesale sugar bear vitamins uk)

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