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Vitamins don't directly provide the energy needed for life activities like "burning" (chemical reactions that release heat) like sugars and lipids(sugarbearhair wholesale); they are not a direct component of body tissues, and are associated with sugars, lipids, and Proteins are different: sugars and lipids are part of the body in addition to body energy. Sugars can be found in the blood, or they can form a complex with proteins called glycoproteins.

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(wholesale sugarbear hair vitamins price)Lipids are an important part of human cells. The main component of cell membranes is the structure of double phospholipids; protein is another kind of substance, which provides the main skeleton of cells(sugarbearhair wholesale price), as the support of cells, to maintain the traits of cells, in addition, Most important enzymes are essentially proteins in nature. The importance of protein can be seen from its name: protein is the "first important" meaning in Greek.

Unlike sugars, lipids, and proteins, vitamins are not a component of any human tissue, and in contrast, the amount of vitamins in the human body can be said to be very small. But at the same time it is as indispensable as other nutrients(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). So where is its importance? First, let us first look at the working principle of the human body. The human body is a highly complex organism with complex living systems.

(wholesale sugarbear hair vitamins price)The normal functioning of this system requires the maintenance of energy, which is obtained from our daily food. In particular, sugar (starch, glucose, etc.) provides a direct source of energy, while lipids are mainly used. Store energy for long-term use(sugarbearhair women's multi). These absorbed energy are used to carry out various biochemical reactions. The purpose of the reaction is varied, and some provide raw materials for human growth, such as forming new cells, or generating new enzymes to catalyze other reactions.

Others are used to provide power, such as the beating of the heart, muscle contraction, stretching, etc. All need a series of biochemical reactions(sugarbearhair cheap). In short, every link of human life is specifically a biochemical reaction in support. . Strictly speaking, there is no longer a biochemical reaction in the body of a person who has lost his life—this is why the “vegetarian” is not considered to have no life.

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