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Because it promotes liver function, it helps the body's tissues to eliminate toxins and drugs. Have a calming effect. Helps treat Alzheimer's disease(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Deficiency: may cause cirrhosis, liver fat degeneration, arteriosclerosis, may also be the cause of Alzheimer's disease. Choline-rich foods: egg yolk, animal brain, animal heart, green leafy vegetables, yeast, animal liver, malt, etc. Lecithin also contains a small amount of choline.

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(wholesale sugarbearhair dubai)Men with thinner hair can prevent hair loss if they take biotin. Remember that biotin is used together with vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B and niacin for better efficacy(sugarbearhair wholesale). Biotin is clearly lost during pregnancy. Although biotin is not directly related to the baby's weight at birth, for safety reasons, consult a physician before using the supplement.

Vitamins are an organic compound, but with very few exceptions, most cannot be synthesized by the body itself. So humans need to get all the necessary vitamins through food(sugarbearhair women's multi). At one time, many people pursued the so-called fine grains, such as polished rice, fine white noodles, etc., but in fact, while removing impurities, many vitamins were also removed together, so people who only eat refined grains are more likely to suffer from vitamin deficiency. For example, beriberi mentioned above.

(wholesale sugarbearhair dubai)In addition to natural foods, there are many vitamin preparations available for patients to add vitamins. But these vitamin preparations are not a panacea, and are not a substitute for natural foods(sugarbearhair wholesale price). There are two manufacturing methods for vitamin preparations: 1. Extraction from natural organisms; 2. Chemical synthesis, both of which have their own characteristics. The former is a purely natural preparation with less toxic side effects than the latter, and the ingredients contained may include other vitamins that enhance each other's utility.

For example, the natural vitamin C extracted from the fruit of the rose contains vitamin p (bioflavonoids, etc.) to form a complex vitamin C, which is much more effective than the synthetic vitamin C alone. However, it is also possible to cause an allergic reaction in a small number of patients due to the mixing of other impurities(sugarbearhair cheap). For example, patients who are allergic to pollen may be sensitive to natural vitamins extracted from flowers. Similarly, drugs and mineral oils that affect fat absorption can also lead to fat-soluble vitamin deficiency.

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