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Basic knowledge of inositol, water-soluble; one of vitamin B family, like choline is a lipophilic vitamin; the unit of measurement is milligrams (mg); inositol and choline combine to form lecithin; metabolism of fat and cholesterol There is no necessary daily intake, and healthy adults should consume about 1g per day; inositol, like choline, plays an important role in the supply of brain cell nutrition(sugar bear hair usa). Utility: lower cholesterol; promote healthy hair growth, prevent hair loss; prevent eczema; help redistribute fat in the body (redistribution); have a calming effect.

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(wholesale sugar bear hair nederland)Deficiency: Eczema. Inositol-rich food animal liver, brewer's yeast, white bean (limabean), bovine brain and bovine heart, American melon, grapefruit, raisin, malt, unrefined molasses, peanuts, kale(sugarbearhair womens multi). Nutritional supplements: 6 soy-based fat sacs containing soybeans contain 244 mg of inositol and choline. Powdered lecithin can be dissolved in a liquid. Most multivitamin b preparations contain 100 mg of inositol and choline. The daily intake is generally 250~500mg.

How are vitamins classified? According to the solubility in oils and waters, they can be roughly divided into two categories: fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins(sugar bear hair stockists). Then, the similar functions are grouped into one family. When a family contains multiple vitamins, the structures are labeled with 1, 2, and 3 numbers. Fat-soluble vitamins include vitamins a, d, e, k, and the like. Water-soluble vitamins include b1, b2, b6, b12 and vitamin c, vitamin 1, vitamin h, vitamin pp, folic acid, pantothenic acid, choline, and the like.

(wholesale sugar bear hair nederland)Due to the complex chemical name of vitamins, the common name is adopted internationally. For example, vitamin b1 is also known as thiamine, and vitamin b2 is also known as riboflavin(sugar bear hair manufacturer). The biochemical function of most vitamins has been studied. Vitamins are usually the main or only component of coenzymes. Coenzymes can be considered as part of an enzyme complex that promotes biochemical reactions. Only when the enzyme and coenzyme are present at the same time can the biochemical reaction proceed normally.

It is generally believed that a normal diet should include a sufficient amount of 5 essential ingredients: cereals, meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits to supplement enough vitamins and trace elements. The important question is how many people can reach the ideal dietary standards(cheap sugar bear hair). The current situation is far from the requirement of the minimum daily vitamin intake (rda, recommendeddailyallowance). Moreover, the popularity of fast food methods and the development of so-called “slimming healthy meals” with strict heat control make it increasingly difficult to meet the prescribed vitamin intake standards.

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