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Cooking rice and cooking must go through high temperatures. So will high temperatures affect vitamins? The answer is yes, most vitamins are more or less affected by high temperatures (referring to the high temperatures required for cooking). However, appropriate methods can be used to minimize the loss of vitamins during cooking(cheap sugar bear hair). The degree of vitamin loss varies depending on the heating method, the time of heating, and the temperature. For example, vitamin C steaming is less than cooking loss, high temperature, short time than temperature, and long time loss.

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(wholesale sugarbearhair sa)For example, when cooking, if the vegetables are first fried in the oil pot for 2~3 minutes, then simmer for 10 minutes, the vitamin c loss is about 59%; if the fire is quickly fried, the cooking time is shortened within 2 minutes, and the vitamin C only loses about 17.3%. It has been reported that fresh vegetables are heat treated for 1 hour, and vitamin C loss is 40% and 50%(sugar bear hair manufacturer). If you continue to heat, the temperature is maintained at 70~80 °C. After 1 hour, the vitamin loss is 60%~70%. After 2 hours, the loss is 70%~80%. After 3 hours, the loss is 80%~90%. After 4 hours, the loss is 90%. ~95%. Two heat treatments, 100% loss of vitamin C.

The water-soluble vitamins in rice noodles vary in their cooking styles. Because of the rice soup, the loss of vitamins is much higher than that of steamed rice. When the cornmeal is steamed into a wolf head, there is basically no loss of vitamins B1, B2 and niacin, and there is not much loss when baking bread(sugar bear hair stockists). If the steamed steamed buns and steamed buns do not count the effect of adding alkali, the vitamin loss caused is not large. However, when the noodles are dissolved in the soup, there are more vitamins, such as boiled noodles, and the loss of vitamins B1 and B2 is about 35%.(wholesale sugarbearhair sa)

Baked biscuits, vitamin B1 can lose 30%, vitamin B2 and niacin are not much damage; pancakes due to the high temperature time, the loss is less than the baked cake(sugarbearhair europe). The biggest loss is frying, in which vitamin B2 can be completely destroyed, and vitamin B6 and niacin are also about 50% each. In animal foods, fried pork has less vitamin loss than braised pork, and the biggest loss of vitamins in clear stew. Fortunately, these vitamins are often dissolved in the soup, and if you drink soup, you can avoid the loss of this part of the vitamin.

(wholesale sugarbearhair sa)Some people plan poorly during cooking, or for the convenience of the map, cook a large pot, eat it for the next time, and then eat it again, even several times(sugarbearhair womens multi). From a nutritional point of view, the loss of vitamins is great, especially for plant foods. Reheating leftovers is very different in nutrition from fresh or cooked once. Vitamin C, which is rich in fresh vegetables, is not resistant to high temperatures. Under normal circumstances, cooking has lost 26% to 50%.

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