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If you can't finish a meal, the next time you heat it, you will lose all of your vitamin C(sugar bear hair wholesale). Some people in a test will boil the peeled potato, the vitamin C only lost 13%, but after 1 day, the loss rate reached 53%, after 3 days, the loss rate reached 82%. If such a potato is heated before consumption, the vitamin C is almost completely gone. Vitamins in animal foods have a little less loss in repeated heating, but they cannot be ignored.

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(wholesale sugar bear hair vitamins south africa)Some people measured the vitamin change of turkey meat. They found that freshly baked samples contained significantly higher vitamin B1 than reheated samples(sugar bear hair women's multi). The vitamin B1 of roast beef can be stored in 76.5%~79.2%, but it is reheated after refrigerating for a while, and its vitamin B2 has 67.8% remaining. Roasted pork refrigerated overnight and reheated will also increase the amount of vitamin B6 lost. Therefore, it is best to eat cooked food in a timely manner, try to avoid repeated heating.

In the storage and reheating of leftovers, not only will the loss of certain vitamins be caused, but improper storage will also cause the microorganisms to become vain and multiply, so that the food will deteriorate and taste, which will affect the health of the body(sugar bear hair wholesale price). In addition, once heating is required, it should be completely heated, so that bacteria that may be present in the food can be eliminated, or food poisoning may occur.

(wholesale sugar bear hair vitamins south africa)Water soluble. One of the vitamin B families, also known as vitamin b5; helps cell formation, maintains normal development and development of the central nervous system(sugar bear hair cheap); is important for maintaining the normal function of the adrenal gland; is essential for the conversion of fats and sugars into energy Substance; in the synthesis of antibodies, the body's use of para-aminobenzoic acid and choline essential substances: the recommended daily intake of adults is 10mg; can be synthesized in the body by intestinal bacteria.

Utility: Helps the wound heal; can make antibodies against infectious diseases; treats shock after surgery; prevents fatigue; relieves the side effects of various antibiotics(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Deficiency: hypoglycemia, duodenal ulcer, abnormal blood and skin symptoms. Foods rich in pantothenic acid: meat, unrefined cereals, malt and bran, animal kidney heart, green leafy vegetables, brewer's yeast, nuts, chicken, unrefined molasses.

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