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The enemy of vitamin f: saturated fat, high temperature, oxygen. Recommendation: To make vitamin F fully absorbed, you can take vitamins when you eat(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). If you are a person who consumes a lot of carbohydrates, you must take more vitamins. Almost all nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, but Brazilian walnuts. (brazilnuts) and cashew nuts; pay attention to eating high-fat foods (meat) that contain large amounts of saturated fat.

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(wholesale sugarbearhair au)The basic knowledge of vitamin p (citrus flavonoids, rutin and hesperetin in compound vitamin C) is water-soluble. It is composed of flavonoids (flavones, flavonals, citrin), rutin, and hesperidin; the general unit of measurement is micrograms (mcg); it is indispensable for the digestion and absorption of vitamin C(sugar bear hair wholesale). Substance; flavonoids provide yellow and orange substances in citrus; are essential for maintaining capillary permeability.

(p is the meaning of permeability, the first letter of permeability.) The main function of bioflavonoids is to strengthen the capillary wall, adjust its absorption capacity; help vitamin c maintain the health of connective tissue(sugar bear hair women's multi); Although not sure, many nutritions agree that when taking 500mg of vitamin C, at least 100mg of bioflavonoids should be taken; vitamin p and vitamin C have a synergistic effect.

Utility: prevent vitamin C from being damaged by oxidation; strengthen capillary wall to prevent bruising; increase resistance to infectious diseases; help prevent and treat bleeding gums; increase vitamin C effect; help to inner ear Treatment of edema or dizziness caused by the disease(sugar bear hair cheap). Deficiency: Capillaries become weak. Vitamin p-rich foods The white peels of citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit) and the thin skin of the fruit capsules.

(wholesale sugarbearhair au)Apricot, buckwheat flour, blackberry, cherry, rose fruit, etc. all contain vitamin p(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Nutritional supplements: generally available in the multivitamin c, or a separate vitamin p preparation, most of which is based on 500mg of bioflavonoids, 50mg of musk, 50mg of hesperetin Mostly. (If the amount of rutin is not the same as the amount of hesperetin, then the amount of rutin should be twice that of hesperetin.)

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