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Meat products mainly provide people with protein, fat and some vitamins. Due to the low vitamin content and high temperature resistance, the loss of vitamins during cooking has attracted people's attention and many comparative tests have been conducted(sugar bear hair cheap). From the point of view of cooking methods, the most vitamins are lost by the fried. For example, vitamin B loses 45% when fried, 42% when cooked, and 30% when cooked. The loss of vitamin B was 43%, 18% and 10%, respectively.

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(wholesale sugar bear hair israel)Since many vitamins are soluble in water, many vitamins flow into the soup when stewed. For example, the pantothenic acid preservation rate after beef stew is 56%, of which 44% is contained in the soup(sugar bear hair wholesale); vitamin B. The preservation rate was 49%, and 34% of them were also transferred to the soup. Among the multivitamins, vitamin B is the most unstable, and vitamin B., folic acid, and the like. Relatively speaking, the preservation rate of niacin and pantothenic acid is relatively high. Niacin and pantothenic acid can also be lost by 40% to 50% when stewed, but if you drink it with soup, you can recycle most of it.

Because quite a part of it is lost to the soup. Different foods are often cooked differently, which has a lot to do with the preservation of vitamins. Pork liver contains a lot of vitamin A(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). If it is boiled in boiling water for 1 hour, vitamin B1, B, and niacin are 25%, 31%, and 8% lower than those in the oil pan for 3 minutes. But save up to 29%. The whole egg is boiled for 10 minutes, vitamin B, which can be retained for 90%, and after frying for 1 to 1.5 minutes, vitamin B is only 80%.

If it is barbecue, the lower temperature is generally conducive to the preservation of vitamins. Some people compared the content of B vitamins after roasting pork and beef with 150 ° C and 200 ° C furnace temperature respectively, and found that the preservation rates of vitamin B1, B, pantothenic acid and niacin were lower at lower temperature (150 ° C). High temperature (200 ° C) high(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Vitamins are essential nutrients and low in food. And it is easily broken down by decomposition during processing.

(wholesale sugar bear hair israel)With the advancement and development of science and technology, modern cookware has also entered the kitchen of the households with its advantages of speed, convenience and cleanliness, such as pressure cookers, infrared ovens, microwave ovens, etc., which are increasingly favored by housewives(sugar bear hair women's multi). However, there are also concerns that modern cooking utensils cooking so fast will not reduce the nutritional value of food, especially if the vitamins are rarely destroyed.

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