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Therefore, researchers at home and abroad have done a lot of experiments to compare the damage of vitamins caused by modern cookware and traditional methods. Cooking food in a pressure cooker, the temperature can reach above 120 °C, the heat-labile vitamins in food are usually more than the cooking loss of ordinary pots(sugarbearhair women's multi). For example, researchers in Japan have found that the cooking rate of vitamin B in rice cooker is 56%~64%, while the vitamin B in ordinary pot has a retention rate of 72%. The former loses about 10% more than the latter. .

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(wholesale sugar bear hair miami)The sweet potato was steamed in a pressure cooker, wherein the retention rate of vitamin B was 73%, and the retention rate of vitamin C was 54%(sugarbearhair wholesale). The retention rate of vitamin B and C in the sweet potato cooked in the common pot was 85%. The former loses more than 110% of vitamin B and 60% of vitamin C. But the pressure cooker does not always lose more vitamins. In many cases, it retains more vitamins, which may be related to cooking methods and food ingredients.

For example, the same experiment by Japanese researchers, they found that the retention rate of vitamin B in soybeans cooked in a pressure cooker is about 65% to 70% (8% to 9% in soup and 57% to 60% in soybeans). The vitamin B in the ordinary cooked soybeans has a retention rate of 51% (1% in the soup and 50% in the soybean). The former loses 15% to 20% less than the latter(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Another experiment also reported that the preservation rate of vitamin C in the pressure cooker soup was 47.1%, while the preservation rate of vitamin C in the earthenware soup was 34.5%. The former can reduce the loss of vitamin C by more than 12%.

(wholesale sugar bear hair miami)In the American Journal of Food Science, a test result of two researchers was also reported. They found that among the six vegetables cooked in the pressure cooker, five of them had higher vitamin C storage rates than ordinary boiled and anhydrous cooking(sugarbearhair cheap). The relevant personnel in India compared the preservation rates of vitamin C, vitamin B1, calcium, iron and phosphorus in three kinds of Indian specialty vegetables, such as cooking, general boiling, steaming and cooking. They concluded that they were cooked under pressure. The method has the best preservation effect on vitamins and minerals.

It can be seen that the loss rate of vitamins in the pressure cooker is not as serious as people think. In many cases, it is better than the common method. In addition, the loss of starch, white matter and fat in the pressure cooker is very small, saving time and energy by using the pressure cooker. It is soft and easy to digest, and is very popular(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Infrared ovens often store more food than ordinary methods. A literature comparing the preservation of certain vitamins in infrared ovens and common cooking methods, pointed out that when using infrared oven to heat frozen braised beef, the preservation rate of vitamin B1 was 91%.

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