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While immersed in boiling water to heat only 85%; heated frozen shrimp, vitamin B, the preservation rate is 88%, immersed in boiling water only save 86%; heated a pea, vitamin B, the preservation rate is 92%, immersed in boiling water Only 87% is saved(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Microwave ovens use microwaves to penetrate food, causing friction caused by rapid rotation and torsion of dipole molecules in foods. The temperature rises and the cooking time is greatly shortened. For example, fried fish fillets take only 30 seconds, burn the pork ribs for 1 minute, burn the chicken for 2 minutes, and cook the potatoes for 4 minutes.

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(wholesale sugarbearhair ireland)This fast method is popular with modern consumers who are fast-paced and efficient. It can be seen that modern cookware not only meets the requirements of modern consumers for high efficiency, rapidity, energy saving and time saving, but also does not cause great damage to vitamins and other nutrients(sugarbearhair womens multi). In most cases, its ability to preserve vitamins is excellent. In the traditional method. They are taken for granted by the vast number of consumers.

In recent years, microwave ovens have become more popular among urban residents in China. Many studies have shown that due to the rapid action of microwave ovens, the preservation rate of vitamins is not lower than that of common methods, and the preservation of vitamins in many foods is even higher than ordinary methods(cheap sugar bear hair). Some people have studied the preservation of several kinds of vegetable vitamins. The cooking rate of vitamin B1 is 91% and vitamin C is 31%. The common method of vitamin B2 is 83% and vitamin C is 76%.

(wholesale sugarbearhair ireland)Cooking a cauliflower in a microwave oven has a vitamin B1 preservation rate of 62%; vitamin C is 59%; and the conventional method has a vitamin B1 of 53% and a vitamin C of 42%. Cooking carrots in a microwave oven has a vitamin B6 retention rate of 91% and a vitamin C of 83%; while the conventional method has a vitamin B1 of 81% and a vitamin C of 80%(sugar bear hair usa). Compared with the conventional method, the microwave oven is higher than the conventional method except that the vitamin C of the potato is much lower.

Some people have studied the use of microwave ovens to roast pigs, cattle, and mutton compared with conventional gas stoves and electric stoves. The preservation rates of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and niacin are comparable, with high and low levels. Reheating the finished product with a microwave oven is important for the home or service industry(sugar bear hair stockists). Studies have found that the rapid heating method of microwave ovens is superior to ordinary heating methods in the preservation of vitamins and other nutrients in most foods. For example, heating frozen chicken and rice, the microwave method can save vitamin B199%, and the conventional furnace only saves 93%.

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