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In adults, vitamin D deficiency causes osteomalacia or adult rickets, most often when calcium requirements increase, such as during pregnancy or lactation. The disease is characterized by a general decrease in bone density(sugarbearhair wholesale). It is different from osteoporosis, which is characterized by an excess of uncalcified matrix. Maintain normal levels of citrate in the blood. The significant deformity of the bone is reflected in the late stages of the disease.

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(wholesale sugarbearhair philippines)Vitamin D mainly has the following physiological functions: It increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the body, and makes the levels of plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus reach saturation level(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Promotes growth and bone calcification and promotes healthy teeth. Increases the absorption of phosphorus through the intestinal wall and increases the reabsorption of phosphorus through the renal tubules.

Prevent amino acid loss through the kidneys. Lack of vitamin D in the human body can cause rickets, hand and foot twitching and rickets. Long-term intake of excessive vitamin D (5000 IU) will cause high blood calcium and high urinary calcium(sugarbearhair women's multi). It is characterized by loss of appetite, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting, irritability, and weakness, and diarrhea alternates. In severe cases, it will die due to renal calcification, heart and aortic calcification.

(wholesale sugarbearhair philippines)Vitamin D can be obtained either from the diet or through the skin. For adults, as long as they are exposed to the sun, they can get very cheap vitamin D(sugarbearhair cheap). It is difficult for infants and young children who are developing to get enough vitamin D by sun exposure. This has led to the fact that the incidence of rickets in infants and young children is still not low and it is worthy of caution. The lack of vitamin D in pregnant women may also affect the baby, causing the baby to become ill.

Foods containing vitamin D are mainly marine fish (sardines), liver, egg yolk, and other plant foods, but their content is minimal or limited. If you want to get rich vitamin D, you only have cod liver oil extracted from the liver of the sea fish(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). In order to prevent vitamin D deficiency in infants and young children, experts recommend that infants should start with a preventive dose of vitamin D from about 2 weeks of birth, or get enough vitamin D through artificial milk and sun exposure.

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