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Fruits and vegetables are the best source of dietary fiber, but many children do not eat enough fresh vegetables and fruits. And now most of the food is refined, and the fiber is removed after the processed food(sugar bear hair wholesale). There are also some picky eaters who do not eat fruits and vegetables, so they often have constipation. Doctors do not recommend fiber supplements unless the child's constipation is very serious. Children between the ages of 1 and 3 need 19 grams per day; 4 to 8 years old need 25 grams per day, girls aged 9 to 18 should eat 26 grams, boys 9 to 13 need 31 grams, boys aged 14 to 18 need 38 Gram.

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(sugarbearhair in australia)For example: 1 cup of blueberry = 4 grams For most healthy children who are growing normally, multivitamins are not necessarily a necessity. Food is the best source of nutrition. Regular meals and snacks provide all the nutrients most children need(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Many common foods, including breakfast cereals, milk and orange juice, contain important nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium and iron. If your child needs to add a multivitamin, be sure to choose a vitamin designed for children, not overdosing.

0-3 years old is the golden age of baby's vision development. If you want your baby to have bright eyes, in addition to regularly checking your baby's vision and developing good eye habits, vitamin A supplementation is very important(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Foods rich in vitamin A: carrots, milk, animal liver (goat liver, etc.), green garlic, water spinach, soy products, eggs, fish, walnuts, greens, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, etc. Today is the carrot tofu soup.

(sugarbearhair in australia)Carrots are sweet and rich in beta-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body to help your baby's vision develop(sugar bear hair women's multi). Tofu is rich in protein and calcium, which helps the baby's bones develop healthily and promotes the baby's rapid growth. The two are combined to make soup, and then into the egg (also rich in vitamin A), can enhance the baby's resistance and improve the baby's disease resistance. And the color is bright, so the baby's appetite is greatly increased!

Tofu is recommended to choose tender tofu, which is more tender and suitable for your baby. Let's share the recipe of tofu carrot egg tart, easy to learn, mothers don't miss it~ Reference month age: 12M+, baby who is not allergic to the ingredients of this recipe(sugar bear hair cheap). Ingredients: 50g of tender tofu, 80g of carrot, 2 of egg yolk (album can not be allergic to the baby can also use 1 whole egg) Practice: 1. Boil a pot of water, tofu, carrots into the cooked. 2. Tofu is first removed, carrots are cooked for a while, boiled soft.

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