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Carrots are cut into pieces. Roast the carrots into the pan, add water and boil and add the egg yolk (all eggs are also available). Stir well, add tofu, puff and boil, the taste is smooth, sweet and delicious(sugarbearhair cheap). Tip: The size of the carrot can be adjusted according to the chewing power of the baby. Baby who is not allergic to egg white can add whole eggs.(sugar bear singapore)

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Almost all of the treasures know the importance of vitamin C for the healthy development of the baby, but different fruits and vegetables not only contain a lot of vitamin C, but also the absorption capacity of vitamin C in different fruits and vegetables(sugarbearhair wholesale). Today we will study how to make your baby better to supplement vitamin C. Which foods are rich in vitamin C? First, I will give you some foods with the most vitamin C content:

Kiwi (king of fruit), tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, celery, citrus, sweet peppers, etc. The following categories are relatively rich in vitamin C: strawberries, soy, radish, pumpkin, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, cabbage, asparagus and so on. In fact, almost all fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Many parents may have a misunderstanding. In fact, it is easier for a baby to eat fruit than a baby to drink vitamin C. And eating fruit can consume relatively lower cellulose, which makes the baby more likely to have a bowel movement.

(sugar bear singapore)Since vitamin C is soluble in water, many factors can affect the vitamin C in food. Parents should use the following points when cooking. 1. Fresh fruit is the most suitable for your baby(sugarbearhair women's multi). If the fruit is to be stored for a long time, try to keep it in a cool, low temperature place. 2. Mature fruit has the highest vitamin C content, so it is good to give your baby ripe fruit. 3. Try not to give your baby the products that have been processed on the market, because it will lose a lot of vitamin C in the processing.

4. Excessive cooking can seriously damage the vitamin C in the food, so do not cook the food that the baby eats at a high temperature, and keep it to the best level(sugar bear hair wholesale price). And the best way to process it is to steam. 5. Try not to use the copper pot to cook the baby's food, the copper pot will increase the loss of vitamins. 6. When vegetables are cooked, especially green vegetables, the time is as short as possible. When the leaves are out of the pan, it is best to be green. I hope everyone's babies are healthy and happy!

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