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Is it vitamin AD or vitamin D alone? Does it need to be supplemented with vitamin A? "Investigation of vitamin A deficiency in children under 6 years old in China" shows that the overall vitamin A deficiency rate in Chinese children aged 0-6 years is 11.7%(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale), and the subclinical deficiency rate is 39.2. %, of which the infant deficiency rate was 33.4% in less than 6 months and the subclinical deficiency rate was 45.70%. According to the above conclusions, many doctors believe that vitamin A should be supplemented in small babies.

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(sugar bear hair in south africa)However, the World Health Organization's 2011 Guidelines for the Use of Vitamin A Supplements for Infants and Children from 1 to 5 Months, the Guide for Vitamin A Supplements for Infants and Children Aged 6 to 59 Months, and the Domestic Recommendations on Prevention and Treatment of Micronutrient Deficiency in Children and WHO(sugarbearhair cheap), China Nutrition Society recommended dietary intake of vitamin A in children (Table 1). It is recommended that vitamin A be given different treatment principles depending on the region, the mother's diet, and the child's growth and development.

If you need to add vitamin A, your daily vitamin A supplements should be taken according to your doctor's advice or instructions. Generally, there will be no side effects, even if they are very mild(sugarbearhair wholesale). When a single large dose of vitamin A is added (100,000 times for infants less than 6 months) Units, infants after 6 months, supplementing 200,000 units every six months, may have side effects such as nausea and headaches, but they are also transient and will not have long-term effects.(sugar bear hair in south africa)

Natural cod liver oil is good or vitamin D is good? In the market to deal with vitamin AD, vitamin D, there is a similar product is cod liver oil. However, for vitamin A/D supplementation, natural food is not the best choice for the following reasons: natural cod liver oil AD ratio does not meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children(sugarbearhair women's multi), most of the natural cod liver oil A: D = 10:1, and the Chinese Nutrition Society The recommended ratio of infants and young children A and D is 3:1. Long-term use may result in insufficient intake of vitamin D or excessive intake of vitamin A;

(sugar bear hair in south africa)Naturally extracted cod liver oil is inevitably accompanied by sensitizing ingredients, which can easily cause allergies in the baby. Therefore, the use of cod liver oil to supplement vitamin A/D is not recommended. Vitamin A is not lacking in areas, lactating mothers have a balanced diet: no need for regular vitamin A supplements(sugarbearhair wholesale price); vitamin A is highly deficient in areas recommended for preventive vitamin A supplementation of 1500 IU/d, or 100,000-200,000 units of oral administration every 6 months. Vitamin A.

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