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Precautions for vitamin supplements: Avoid alcohol when taking vitamin A. The main function of vitamin A is to convert retinol into retinal, which inhibits the production of retinal during metabolism and seriously affects the visual cycle and male sperm production(sugar bear hair wholesale). Avoid rice soup when taking vitamin AD. Because it contains fat oxidase, it can dissolve and destroy fat-soluble vitamins, leading to the loss of vitamin AD and vitamin D. Vitamin supplements must be targeted, pay attention to your own body, what is missing. For example, when vitamin A is insufficient, skin roughness, itching, and dry hair may occur.

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(wholesale sugar bear hair uae)Some of the specific preventive effects of many specific foods have long been discovered before the first vitamin is discovered. The Chinese Tang Dynasty medical scientist Sun Sizhen (AD 581-682) once pointed out that the use of animal liver can prevent night blindness, and the use of husk porridge can prevent beriberi(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). The actual factor is vitamins. Animal liver is rich in vitamin A, and the skin contains vitamin B1, which is a symptomatic night blindness and athlete's foot.

In the 18th century, the addition of citrus fruits to foods was found to prevent the spread of scurvy. In 1886, the young Dutch military doctor christianeijkman (1858-1930) studied the prevalence of beriberi in Asia in the Dutch East India, initially attempting to identify the bacteria causing the disease, but without success, it was not caused by bacteria(sugar bear hair stockists). How could disease be successful? In 1890, neurodermatitis broke out in his experimental flock, which was very similar to beriberi.

It was not until 1907 that Ekman finally studied and found out that beriberi caused by white rice. Chickens eat white rice and have beriberi, and the discarded rice bran can be cured by putting it back into the feed. He himself began to change to eat brown rice, so the beriberi of the infection was followed(sugar bear hair cheap). Aikeman speculated that white rice contains a toxin, while rice bran contains a detoxifying substance. This proves that there is a necessary "cofactor" in addition to nutrients such as protein, sugar, lipids, trace elements and water in food.

(wholesale sugar bear hair uae)The Dutch Green did not think so, but speculated from another angle: there is a lack of a key ingredient in the white rice, and this ingredient is in the rice bran. It turns out that Green's speculation is correct, and what is missing in white rice is vitamins(sugar bear hair wholesale price). In 1906, the British biochemist Frederickhopkins fed mice with purified feed containing protein, lipids, sugars and mineral trace elements, but the mice still could not survive; the purified feed Even if there is only a small amount of milk added, the mouse can grow normally.

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