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Vitamin C is known to prevent colds and certain cancers and has recently been found to be effective in treating a male infertility. The main role of vitamin C is to reduce the viscosity of semen(sugarbearhair womens multi). It has been reported that when a man has more than 20% of sperm gathered together (this condition is called non-specific sperm accumulation), it can cause infertility. Researchers at the University of Texas Medical School found that these people also had mild vitamin C deficiency.

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Supplementation of vitamin C to these people produced a significant effect: after 1 week, the number of aggregated sperm in the subject decreased to 14%; after 3 weeks, it decreased to 11%(sugar bear hair manufacturer). These people, after supplementing with vitamin C, not only have reduced semen viscosity, but also have increased sperm motility and prolonged sperm life. In 1911, the Polish chemist casimirfunk discovered that the substance (vitamin b1) that can prevent beriberi in brown rice is an amine (a type of nitrogen-containing compound).

Therefore, funk proposed to call this compound vitamine, which means "vitalamine", which means "fatal amine" in Chinese, and its importance. This term is quickly and universally applied to all such "cofactors"(sugar bear hair usa). However, it was later discovered that many other vitamins do not contain an "amine" structure, but since the name of the funk has been widely adopted, this name is not discarded, but only the last "e" of the amine is removed, becoming " Vitamin" (vitamin, transliterated as "vitamin").

In 1912, Hopkins and Funk introduced the hypothesis of vitamin deficiency, speculating that the lack of a specific amount of vitamins in the human system would cause specific diseases(cheap sugar bear hair). In the early 19th century, scientists succeeded in separating and identifying various vitamins that are now well known by providing foods that lack specific ingredients for experimental animals. In 1929, he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in recognition of the pioneering role of Dr. Ekman in discovering vitamins.

Water-soluble; one of the most recently discovered vitamins in the vitamin b family; the general unit of measurement is milligrams (mg); it can be synthesized in the human body; it is recommended that the daily intake is not determined; help to synthesize folic acid, when the body uses protein It plays an important role(sugarbearhair retailers); it has important properties that block the sun's rays; it helps absorb the pantothenic acid and enhance its effect; in animal experiments, p-aminobenzoic acid and pantothenic acid work together to restore white hair to its original hair color. 

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