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The pressure cooker soup is less than the vitamin C lost by the common soup method. In order to protect the vitamin C in food and maintain its nutritional value, the British government commissioned the Cambridge Nutrition Research Institute to conduct research. The scientists have developed a series of protective measures(sugar bear hair stockists). The point of these protective measures is that the faster the fresh food is eaten, the better it will be because the vitamin C will be broken down during storage. Don't cut the vegetables too thin, the thinner the cut, the bigger the contact with oxygen, and the oxygen will destroy vitamin C.

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When using water to cook foods rich in vitamin C, first boil the water, then put the food in and cover the lid to reduce the chance of oxygen coming into contact with food. However, it is not possible to cook green vegetables in a pressure cooker because high pressure is particularly liable to destroy vitamin C(sugar bear hair wholesale). When cooking foods containing vitamin C, use less water and cook as short as possible. The longer the time, the more vitamin C is lost. Foods containing vitamin C should not be exposed to the sun as much as possible, and should not be in contact with the copper to avoid destroying vitamin C.

(wholesale sugarbearhair sverige)The broad term "processing" refers to every step of the process from the raw material of the food to the time of being eaten. The main purpose of processing is to better preserve and utilize food(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Due to the different nature of various vitamins, the processing conditions and methods are different, and the loss of vitamins in food is not the same. The main external factors causing vitamin loss include oxidation of oxygen, temperature and time of heating, acidity (ie pH), action of metals and enzymes, light or ionizing radiation, moisture content, and the like.

The stability of vitamins themselves under different environmental conditions plays a key role. Vitamin A and beta-carotene (formerly vitamin A) are sensitive to air, oxidants and ultraviolet light, and the catalysis of high temperatures and metal ions accelerates their decomposition(sugar bear hair wholesale price). For example, a thin layer of butter loses its vitamin A efficacy when exposed to air at 50 ° C for 6 hours; at the same time, there is little loss at 120 ° C when there is no air. If the harvested vegetables are withered, their carotene is seriously damaged. And should be washed and cut first, do not cut and wash first. 

There is a lot of vitamin C in the soup, so try to drink it. Freezing and freeze drying can greatly reduce the loss of vitamin A and carotene in eggs, vegetables and fruits. Animal fat should be stored in a cold place, and cod liver oil should be stored in dark bottles in the dark. Acidic conditions (pH 4.5 or lower) will lose some of the activity of vitamin A(sugar bear hair cheap). Vitamin A and carotene in rancid fat are all destroyed. Inorganic substances in food, such as iron oxide, carbon, sulfur, crushed limestone, bone meal, manganese, and iodine, all contribute to the destruction of vitamin A.(wholesale sugarbearhair sverige)

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