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Under similar conditions, vitamin D usually has the same or better stability than vitamin A. Vitamin D in food is not afraid of heat, insoluble in water, and it loses little during cooking(sugarbearhair wholesale). However, vitamin D in products such as cod liver oil is an oil or powder. Relatively speaking, it is easily destroyed by light, oxygen and acid. It should be protected from light and sealed. Vitamin E, which is naturally present in foods, is a tocopherol in a free state and is easily destroyed by oxygen.

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Foods will lose 32% to 70% of vitamin E when fried. However, usually household roasting or boiling does not lose a lot of tocopherol. Vitamin R is very stable to heating in the absence of air and is not soluble in water and is lost(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Vitamin K is quite stable to heat and air, and is insoluble in water, so the usual cooking process only destroys a small amount of natural vitamin K. However, vitamin K is extremely sensitive to light and alkali and should be avoided as much as possible.(sugar bear hair promo price)

Vitamin C is probably the most "small" of all vitamins. It is easily soluble in water, easily oxidized and acted upon by enzymes. Therefore, the thermal environment, exposure to air, water dissolution, warming, alkaline conditions and dehydration all have an adverse effect on vitamin C(sugarbearhair cheap). In acidic solution (pH 4), vitamin C is also easy to decompose. Metal ions like copper and iron also accelerate the decomposition of vitamin C. Even under light and under ionizing radiation, vitamin C is easily decomposed.

Vitamin C is stable only in the dry state, and rapid dehydration, sealing, and air isolation can reduce its loss. Vitamin B is also a water-soluble vitamin that is unstable during processing(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Vitamin B6 is stable under the pH condition of strong acid, and becomes unstable as the acidity decreases, that is, the pH increases. High-temperature, oxygen, oxidants, light, metal complexes, alkalis, ionizing radiation, and vitamin B6 enzymes in food all destroy vitamin B1.

(sugar bear hair promo price)Protein has a protective effect on vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is easily decomposed by light irradiation and is unstable in an alkaline solution. However, vitamin B6 is stable in acidic media and stable to heat, so it loses less in home cooking and canning(sugarbearhair europe). Dehydration and freezing also do not affect the amount of vitamin B6 in the food. It is accelerated by light, heat, alkali and certain trace elements such as iron and copper.

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