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Vitamin B6 is more sensitive to light, and there are many losses in canning and freezing. Vitamin B6 is lost during wheat milling. The loss of vitamin B6 in foods during other processing is also greater. However, there is little loss of vitamin B6 in storage(cheap sugar bear hair). Studies have shown that potatoes have almost no loss of vitamin B6 when stored at 4.4 ° C for 6 months. Storage after freezing and dehydration also does not impair the vitamin B6 content in meat and poultry.

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Niacin and nicotinamide are the most stable of the B vitamins and are stable in the air, in the normal pH range of light and food. It is heat resistant for a certain period of time, with less loss in cooking and storage and processing(sugar bear hair stockists). Pantothenic acid is very stable in a slightly acidic medium (pH 6), but its stability is gradually reduced when the pH is below 6 or above 7. Increasing the heating temperature and prolonging the heating time will accelerate its decomposition.(where to get sugarbearhair)

The loss of pantothenic acid in food processing can be as much as about half, such as about 50% loss in grain grinding, and the loss of food drying can exceed 50%(sugar bear hair manufacturer). However, as long as oxidation and high temperature can be avoided, the pantothenic acid in natural foods is quite stable during storage, and the grain can be stored for 1 year without significant loss. Biotin is stable in acidic solutions, in air, and for heating, so the loss due to cooking is small.

However, biotin is unstable in an alkaline solution. In addition, there is more loss of biotin during the milling of the grain. Choline heat is very low, and there is very little loss during processing and cooking(sugarbearhair womens multi). The content of choline is almost unchanged in dry foods stored for a long time. Folic acid is unstable in acidic media and can be decomposed by sunlight and high temperature. Folic acid can be lost in storage and cooking for 50% to 70%. At high temperatures, when cooking and using large amounts of water for a long time, the loss is greatest.

(where to get sugarbearhair)For example, when processing milk powder, most of the folic acid activity in the milk is destroyed. Vitamin B12 is most stable in acidic aqueous solutions (pH 4.5~5.0), and its pH rises to cause decomposition(sugar bear hair usa). Both oxidants and reducing agents accelerate the decomposition process. Light can also destroy vitamin B12. In the ordinary cooking process, about 30% of the vitamin B12 activity in the food is lost, and the iron salt can catalyze its disintegration.

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