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However, in recent years, there has been a growing body of data indicating that even a full-term full-term child may cause signs of intracranial hemorrhage due to a lack of vitamin K(sugar bear hair cheap). According to Diana, at present, basically, regular hospitals will supplement their vitamin K at the time of birth. Experts pointed out that for infants who have long-term use of antibiotics, diarrhea, and breast-feeding infants within 3 months, regular vitamin K supplementation must be implemented.

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Diana specially reminded that clinically, after many newborns have common respiratory and digestive tract diseases, some young parents did not follow the doctor's advice to buy medicines themselves, which led to the abuse of antibiotics, which artificially caused vitamin K deficiency in children(sugar bear hair usa). If you take broad-spectrum antibiotics or sulfa drugs for a long time, it may inhibit the growth of normal intestinal flora, resulting in a serious deficiency of vitamin K, which leads to obstacles in the coagulation mechanism of infants.

(blue bear hair vitamins uk)Experts say that infants are not ill, so they must be very careful about their medication. If any child has any abnormalities, they should go to the hospital and take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Vitamin supplements, pregnant women eat more vegetables and tomatoes(sugar bear hair wholesale). According to Diana, from the clinical statistics, most of the vitamin K-deficient babies come from rural areas, many of which are directly caused by the mother's lack of normal vitamin K supplementation during pregnancy.

At present, the general trend of using vitamin K in the international community to prevent vitamin K deficiency in newborns is to change from intramuscular injection to oral administration, from one time to multiple times, and from infants to mothers. Diana suggested that pregnant women should take the right amount of vitamin K from 32 to 36 weeks until delivery(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Pregnant women in labor are given intramuscular or intravenous vitamin K 1 to 4 hours before delivery, and newborns should also be given vitamin K. (blue bear hair vitamins uk)

Most babies can avoid vitamin K deficiency in the body through rapid supplementation after birth. Clinically, children with unexplained bleeding should be diagnosed. At the same time as finding the cause, vitamin K should be injected intramuscularly to prevent further intracranial hemorrhage. Patients with obstructive jaundice or infant hepatitis should be given prophylactic vitamin K(sugar bear hair wholesale price). In addition, vitamin K supplementation should also be given to children receiving high-dose salicylate and complete parenteral nutrition.

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