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The herbal teas that can be seen on the market today are mainly based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. In order to take into account the taste, some herbal teas add a lot of sugar. Therefore, people who need to control sugar intake should try to drink less herbal tea. Wild vegetables are non-artificial "vegetables"(sugarbearhair cheap). Because they are not artificially planted, whether these vegetables can be eaten, whether there are pesticide residues, whether they are contaminated, etc. are unknown.

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Therefore, it is best not to try the wild vegetables on the roadside; It is a wild vegetable sold in a regular channel and can be eaten properly. Ice cream heatstroke prevention is a choice for many young people, but it does not meet the thinking mode of Chinese medicine(sugarbearhair wholesale). Traditional Chinese medicine mainly achieves the purpose of heatstroke prevention and cooling by sweating and diuresis. Ice cream obviously cannot dilute the "heat stroke" in the human body. (sugarbearhair london)

At the same time, the ice cream has more sugar, salt and fat content, which is not conducive to good health. Drinking green bean soup is the choice of most Beijingers to cool down in summer(sugarbearhair europe). Wei Wei believes that mung bean soup is suitable for most people, it can add a lot of water. If the weather is too hot, there are symptoms such as dry throat, red eyes and other slight fires. Children, pregnant women and middle-aged and older people have become the three most in need of vitamin D supplementation.

In summer, people sweat more, vitamin B and potassium will be lost with sweat. Mung bean soup is rich in vitamin B and potassium, which can supplement vitamins and trace elements(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Because vitamin B family will decompose when it encounters alkali, so pay attention when cooking green bean soup. Do not put alkali; after drinking green bean soup, do not throw away mung beans, mung beans are rich in dietary fiber and starch, which is not easy to digest and absorb starch, which has certain auxiliary effects on blood sugar control.

(sugarbearhair london)In addition to mung bean soup, proper drinking of vegetable juice and fruit juice can also achieve the purpose of heatstroke prevention and cooling. After removing the disease, you can drink some traditional Chinese medicine tea, soaking mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, and mint(sugarbearhair retailers). If the symptoms of heat and fire are more serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital and ask the doctor to open some small prescriptions of pure Chinese medicine to relieve the symptoms of getting angry.

In January 2010, the nutritional status of vitamin D in Chinese population published by the Chinese Journal of Maternal and Child Health showed that 81.8% of children aged 3-12 years old in China were generally deficient in vitamin D(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale); the vitamin D deficiency rate in infants and young children in China has reached 80%- 90%. In addition, about 57.1%-90.5% of pregnant women in China lack vitamin D, and 69.2% of middle-aged and elderly people have vitamin D deficiency and 24.4% of middle-aged and elderly people have insufficient vitamin D.

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