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Vitamin A deficiency, also known as night blindness, dry eye, and corneal softening, is a systemic disease caused by vitamin A deficiency(sugarbearhair wholesale). More common in children aged 1-4. After that, vitamin D can be supplemented separately (vitamin D has been eaten until 2 years old). If you add a small variety of food supplements, you can continue to supplement vitamin A according to your child's food supplement after 1 year old.

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What are the functions of vitamin A: it constitutes the photosensitive substance in the visual cells, that is, the rhodopsin in the retinal rod cells, and the lack of influence on the synthesis of rhodopsin, resulting in visual impairment under dark and low light, and night blindness(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Maintain the integrity of epithelial cells, hyperplasia of epithelial cells in the absence of vitamin A, keratosis and desquamation in the surface, atrophy of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, reduced ability to defend against pathogens, dry hair and crispy nails.

(blue bear hair vitamins price)Promote growth and development, vitamin A promotes the synthesis of mucopolysaccharide such as chondroitin, and when it is lacking, it will affect the growth and development of bone tissue. Promotes cellular and humoral immune function. Participates in the maintenance of reproductive system function(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). In addition, vitamin drugs are mainly absorbed through the small intestine, and are taken on an empty stomach before meals.

This article will talk to you about vitamin A. Let's talk about what is vitamin A deficiency. They pass through the gastrointestinal tract faster and cannot be fully absorbed and utilized(sugar bear hair stockists). After taking them after meals, they can prolong the residence time in the gastrointestinal tract and can be more fully absorb. Vitamin A deficiency is one of the four major nutritional deficiencies identified by the World Health Organization (WHO). (blue bear hair vitamins price)

According to relevant surveys, the vitamin A deficiency and marginal deficiency rate of children aged 6-17 in China are 7.69% and 18.57%, respectively. Now that vitamin A deficiency has become a worldwide public health problem in the field of nutrition, what should we know about vitamin A and children? Vitamin A, also known as retinol, maintains normal growth, reproduction, vision and resistance(sugarbearhair cheap). The physiological function of infection.(blue bear hair vitamins price)

According to the World Health Organization survey, the serious deficiency of vitamin A in infants and young children is a common phenomenon in developing countries. China is a moderately subclinically deficient country for children with vitamin A as defined by the World Health Organization, and some regions are seriously lacking regions(sugar bear hair usa). Breastfeeding is advocated, and vitamin A and vitamin D should be added on time 15 days after the birth of the child, and children who are breast-fed or without breast milk should be instructed to consume the formula.

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