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Infants of 6-11 months (including HIV infants) can be given 100,000 IU at a time, infants and young children (including HIV infants) for 12-59 months, and can be given 200,000 IU at a time, once every 4-6 months(sugar bear hair manufacturer). At present, the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency among preschool children worldwide is about 190 million, mostly from Africa and developing countries. The prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in preschool children in China is about 9%-11%, and the subclinical vitamin A deficiency can be 30%-40%.

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Vitamin A poisoning: more common in 6 months - 3 years old, a single dose of more than 300,000 IU can appear poisoning symptoms within 12-24h. Need to eat such a large dose of vitamin A at a time may be poisoned, all really do not be nervous. Therefore, vitamin A should be taken after meals(cheap sugar bear hair). In summary, I personally recommend that vitamin A deficiency can be started after 15 days of life. It is recommended to eat at least 6 months, because after 6 months, add complementary foods, such as adding complementary foods, it is generally not Will lack vitamin A.

(sugar bear hair aus)We compare vitamin A to a vitamin that maintains light, and it plays an important role in the visual production of the human body. For example, everyone goes from a bright place to a darker place. In the short term, you can't see things(sugarbearhair europe). When can you see them? It depends on vitamin A. In patients with vitamin A deficiency, it is easy to get a disease called night blindness. For children, the lack of vitamin A can lead to decreased resistance and can easily cause respiratory infections.

In addition, vitamin A deficiency, easily lead to iron deficiency anemia in children. Which foods are rich in vitamin A? Vitamin A is abundant in the liver, kidney and meat, milk, fish, and eggs of animals, and can be directly absorbed and utilized by the human body(sugar bear hair private label). Although the plant does not contain vitamin A, the beta-carotene it contains can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. Green vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, papaya, mango, etc., are rich in β-carotene.(sugar bear hair aus)

How much vitamin A should children add to each day? Children can't get enough vitamin A in their daily diet. In general, children who are repeatedly infected and continue to have anemia, who are not willing to eat meat, milk, eggs and other foods rich in vitamin A, should be alert to the possibility of vitamin A deficiency, and can take some vitamin A supplements under the guidance of a doctor(sugarbearhair retailers). Agent. The most common one is the cod liver oil we are talking about. Here we must remind everyone that it can accumulate in the body. If you eat too much, it will easily cause poisoning.

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