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Eat vegetables and fruits, and then eat multivitamin supplements will be excessive(sugar bear hair wholesale price). The amount of various vitamins contained in a multivitamin preparation is generally only a recommended amount per day, that is, just the amount that can be achieved every day, which is equivalent to 60 points and barely pass. The maximum allowable intake (that is, the safe range) is several times to ten times the recommended amount. 

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There is a lot of space between the two, so even if you eat a multivitamin supplement in addition to your daily diet, Don't worry about excessive problems at all. Every fruit is rich in vitamin C(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Only citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, orange, citrus, hawthorn, fresh dates, grapefruit and strawberries are rich in vitamin C. Apples, pears, bananas, peaches and watermelons that are usually eaten contain not many vitamin C.(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins wholesale)

Most of the 100 grams are below 10 mg, which is much lower than the vitamin C content in vegetables such as banana, leeks , and pepper. Prescription-type multivitamin preparations work better(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). At present, the multi-vitamin preparations on the market are dazzling, and it is inevitable that there will be mixed fish and dragons, all the mud and sand, and some fake and shoddy products will be mixed among them, which will harm consumers.

Therefore, we must first choose the products of famous brand manufacturers, and we must not buy low-priced and go to buy products of unknown small factories(cheap sugar bear hair). Otherwise, if quality problems are found, there will be no complaints. Secondly, the production process, raw material quality, product requirements and clinical effects of over-the-counter drugs are much stricter than health care products, so it is generally said that over-the-counter drugs should be used.

(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins wholesale)Some people think that "it is a three-point drug, health care products are much safer." In fact, this is a stereotype that should be abandoned. Since vitamin supplementation is a long-term process, some performance and price comparisons should be made in advance(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). It is not the higher the price, the better the quality. If you don't want to eat vegetables, eat more fruits. 

Vegetables contain more insoluble dietary fiber (such as cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, etc.) and some special ingredients, such as capsaicin in the onion, ginger ketone in the ginger, allicin in the garlic, and radish(sugar bear hair stockists). Amylase and so on. Fruits contain more fructose, organic acids and soluble fiber, such as glue, so fruits and vegetables cannot replace each other. So far, there is not enough evidence to show that vitamin C is carcinogenic.(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins wholesale)

Eating more vitamin C will promote cancer. Indeed, some people found that excessive vitamin C in cell culture has the potential to cause chromosomal aberrations, but the concentration required is very large (the body can not reach this level), and there are reports of completely opposite results(sugar bear hair usa). As for human trials, only vitamin C has been able to inhibit the synthesis of nitrosamines (a substance with strong carcinogenicity) and thus exert anti-cancer effects. 

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