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Where To Buy SugarBear Hair Vitamins

Food is produced, processed and consumed in order to provide nutrients. Packaging is a part of processing. In addition to paying attention to convenience, practicality and aesthetic value, we should pay more attention to the preservation of nutrients in food(sugar bear hair wholesale). Due to the sensitivity of vitamins to various environmental factors such as temperature, light, oxygen, water, etc., how to improve the packaging method to maximize the preservation of vitamins in food has received widespread attention.

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When selecting packaging materials, the physical and chemical properties of vitamins should be fully considered. If the milk is exposed to light for 2 hours, the vitamin B2 will lose half or more(sugar bear hair wholesale price). In the United States, before 1960, milk was placed in clear glass bottles and then distributed to the steps in front of each household. Vitamins lost a lot. Later, the milk was dispensed in a translucent paper box or dark glass bottle, which greatly reduced the loss of vitamin B1.(where to buy sugarbear hair vitamins)

The permeability of the packaging material, the processing method of the food before packaging, and the storage conditions after packaging will have a great influence on the preservation rate of the vitamin. For example, vitamins are quickly lost during storage, but the vegetables are dehydrated and placed in an airtight film(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). After storage at 0 °C for 12 months, the loss of carotene and vitamin C rarely exceeds 10%. If the film is ventilated or the storage temperature rises, the loss of vitamins rises quickly.

(where to buy sugarbear hair vitamins)The same vegetables treated above, the vitamins dropped to half of the original after 6 months at 20 °C. Given the sensitivity of many vitamins to oxygen, some foods are often packaged with nitrogen, carbon dioxide or vacuum to preserve more vitamins(sugar bear hair cheap). In the ordinary packaging method, the preservative rate of vitamin B1 was 85.2% after 3 months; the vitamin B1 was 95.2% by the nitrogen filling method; and the vitamin B1 was 91.7% by vacuum packaging method.

Food packaging materials include glass, metal, paper, plastic and various composite materials. Vitamin C was stored in general cans. After 16 weeks, the storage rates at 23.8 ° C, 36.6 cC and 45 ° C were 74.5%, 54.5% and 34%, respectively. However, the storage rates were increased in tanks filled with nitrogen(sugarbearhair europe). To 100%.92% and 83%. It can be seen that packaging materials and packaging methods play an important role in the preservation of vitamins in food.(where to buy sugarbear hair vitamins)

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