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From fresh food to the table of the workers, this often goes through storage. Whether it is the storage of raw meat or the storage of processed canned food, the form and method are different, but it will cause changes in nutrients(sugarbearhair cheap). Various internal and external factors affect the vitamin during storage, and temperature plays a very important role. Humans have long known that using low temperatures to preserve food is now a common measure to reduce the loss of vitamins.

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For example, vitamin C is the most sensitive nutrient to temperature. The loss of vitamin C in vegetables stored at room temperature is very high. When stored at -15 °C, there is almost no loss. Asparagus is stored for 7 to 10 days at 0~C, and vitamin C can be stored for more than 80%, but only 20% at 20 °C(sugarbearhair retailers). Vitamins B1, B2, folic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin are unstable to heat during storage and are prone to loss. For example, vitamin B12 in egg powder is stored at 5 ° C for half a year, only 10% loss; at 31 ° C, it loses 25%; at 37 ° C, the loss is 50%.

(sugar bear gummy vitamins wholesale)Because of this, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment have become essential for modern homes, restaurants, and shops. Although most foods are easier to preserve vitamins at low temperatures, this rule is not absolute(sugarbearhair wholesale). For example, fresh potatoes, which are rapidly cooled and stored at near 0 °C, will accelerate their loss of vitamins. It has been determined that the amount of vitamin C lost by potatoes stored at 5 ° C for 2 months is equivalent to the amount lost by storage at 10 ° C or 15 ° C for 5 months.

In addition to temperature, oxygen, light, acidity, water content, etc. all affect the preservation rate of food vitamins, and the condition of the food itself is also related to vitamin preservation(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Studies have shown that the loss of vitamin C from shelled peas and lima beans is twice that of unshelled beans at the same temperature. The vitamin C contained in the tomatoes when they are pink is higher than the vitamin C contained in the mature cyan or fully mature tomatoes.(sugar bear gummy vitamins wholesale)

It can be seen that the storage temperature also varies from object to object. Unripe tomatoes will have a higher vitamin C content during the first few days of storage(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). The same tomato, if stored at a suitable temperature, immature 15 ~ 20 ° C, mature 5 ~ 10 ° C, can make their vitamins to the maximum extent, after 10 days, their vitamin C has the original 80 %. Once you have mastered this law, you can maximize your food by taking advantage of the situation and creating conditions.

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