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Many vitamins are prone to react with oxygen. If you reduce the oxygen concentration during storage, you will greatly reduce the loss of vitamins(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). Apples were stored at 15 ° C for 3 months under hypoxic conditions, preserving 80% of the original vitamin C, while storing only 20% in air. After the skim milk powder is fortified, it is stored in a nitrogen-filled tank for 1 year. Each 450 grams contains vitamin D, 2250 international units, but only 1850 international units in the ordinary tank.

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The vacuum-packed baby powder is stored for 9 months and still contains 18.46% of vitamin B, while the air package is only 76.9% of the original(sugar bear hair usa). If someone puts the milk in the equivalent of the light intensity in the supermarket display case, after 12 hours, the preservation rate of vitamin C is found to be 14% in the plastic pot and 76% in the cardboard box, in the colorless The transparent polyethylene bag is 78% inside and 87% in black polyethylene bags (ie no light).

(cheap sugar bear where to buy)Vitamins K, B1, B2 and folic acid are also easily decomposed under light, so many foods should be better preserved in the dark. Dehydration often extends the shelf life of the food and also reduces the loss of vitamins(cheap sugar bear hair). For example, when stored at 21 °C, dehydrated tomatoes have a moisture content of 1% and a loss of 10% of vitamin C. Under the same conditions, the moisture content increases to 5%, and the loss of vitamin C rises to 30%. More resistant to storage and its vitamins are easy to store.

Light will also cause some vitamins to be destroyed and destroyed. Dehydrated vegetables can be stored in a sealed film bag for 6 months even at 6 ° C for 6 months; if the temperature drops to 0 ° C, even after 1 year, these vitamins are still 90% vacuum packed Dehydrated phthalocyanine, stored at 3 ° C for 1 year, lost only 10% of vitamin C(sugar bear hair stockists); if stored at -3 ° C for 2 years, only 10% of vitamin C was lost. The loss of some vitamins caused by storage is an objective law of material changes.

When talking about the new common diseases of modern people, we usually have the first association as the "three highs" feature. The three highs here are not high-income and highly educated, but high blood lipids, high blood sugar and high blood sugar! None of them is a beneficial direction for our body(sugar bear hair manufacturer). If we want to change this situation, we must take more actions, starting from changing our diet, taking care of our blood circulation. Here are a few of the foods that are good for helping us get through the blood vessels.(cheap sugar bear where to buy)

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