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To prevent premature aging of blood vessels, eat foods that clean and protect blood vessels. Medical research has shown that people who eat eight kinds of foods should not have blood clots(sugar bear hair wholesale). They have special effects on clearing blood vessels and preventing hardening of blood vessels. Corn: The content of unsaturated fatty acids in fats, especially linoleic acid, is as high as 60% or more. It helps normal metabolism of body fat and cholesterol, and can reduce the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels, thereby softening arterial blood vessels.

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Tomatoes: Not only are various vitamins 2 to 4 times higher than apples and pears, but also contain vitamin-rutin, which can improve the body's oxidizing ability, eliminate free radicals and other body waste, maintain blood vessel elasticity, and prevent thrombosis(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Apple: Apple is rich in nutrients such as candy acids and flavonoids, potassium and vitamins E and C. It can decompose the fat accumulated in the body and avoid overweight. It has a significant effect on delaying and preventing the onset of atherosclerosis.

(wholesale sugar bear hair vitamins canada)Kelp: Kelp is rich in fucoidan and laminin. These substances have heparin-like activities, which can prevent thrombosis, lower cholesterol and lipoprotein, and inhibit atherosclerosis(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Tea: Contains tea polyphenols, which can improve the body's antioxidant capacity, lower blood lipids, relieve blood hypercoagulability, enhance red blood cell elasticity, and alleviate or delay atherosclerosis. Drinking tea regularly can soften arteries.

Garlic: Contains volatile succulent, which can eliminate the fat accumulated in blood vessels, has obvious lipid-lowering effect, and is a good medicine for treating hyperlipemia and arteriosclerosis. Onion: Prostaglandin A, which contains a strong vasodilating effect, which relaxes blood vessels, lowers blood viscosity and reduces blood vessel pressure(sugar bear hair cheap). Onion also contains diallyl disulfide and sulfur-containing amino acids to enhance fibrinolysis. Its activity has the function of lowering blood fat and resisting arteriosclerosis.

(wholesale sugar bear hair vitamins canada)Eat less meals and add snacks. Because the old man is slow to chew, he can't eat much food for a meal, and it takes a long time, but the elderly must supplement enough nutrition. At this time, it is necessary to divide the three meals a day into five to six(sugarbearhair retailers). Meals, gaps can provide some snacks for the elderly, such as low-fat milk oatmeal, bubble cake, beancurd and so on. Specifically, please look down. Replace some animal proteins with soy products.

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