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The diet of the elderly must limit the amount of meat intake, and the source of protein should be diversified(sugarbearhair wholesale). In addition to certain animal proteins, high-quality proteins such as peanuts, walnuts, and almonds should be added. A certain amount of fruit every day. Don't neglect the role of fruit. The fruits suitable for the elderly are peaches, mangoes, bananas, kiwis, etc. You can also use the juicer to make juice, pay attention to the amount of food every day.

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The elderly are prone to vitamin B deficiency, which is easy to cause cataract, cardiovascular and kidney disease, brain function deterioration, etc., so it is necessary to add porridge from brown rice, germ and other white rice, and can also be combined with other foods. Limit the amount of oil intake(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Older people should try to avoid obtaining oils and fats from animals such as pigs and beef, as well as fried foods, which should be mainly taken from vegetable oils.(sugar bear hair contact)

Eat less spicy food. Eggplant: Protects the cardiovascular and blood pressure. The eggplant is rich in vitamin P. It is a kind of flavonoid compound that has the effect of softening blood vessels(sugarbearhair cheap). It also enhances the elasticity of blood vessels, reduces capillary permeability, and prevents capillary rupture.Older people who eat more of this kind of food can easily lead to imbalance of water and electrolytes in the body, and symptoms such as dry mouth and high anger, so it is better to eat less. 

(sugar bear hair contact)Add less salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, and use other flavoring methods. This type of seasoning is too much for the elderly to cause high blood pressure and other diseases(sugarbearhair europe). We can provide vegetables with strong flavors such as coriander and mushrooms to match other diets. Please add more water during the day. During the day, you can quote more boiled water, which is good for the young and the old, especially for the elderly.

When your body tries to tell you something -- for example, you are missing some important vitamins -- it will become a bit weird, such as inexplicable hair loss and foot cramps. Let's take a look at what these strange performances want to tell you(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). In today's era of processed foods as a daily diet, we are prone to vitamin deficiency – perhaps because we don't have enough food, or because we don't absorb well because of digestive problems.(sugar bear hair contact)

Vitamin B supplementation. Dr. Susan Borum said she is the author of the Immune System Recovery Program and the founder of the Borum Health Center(sugar bear hair private label). She also said: "You may not get sick because of this, but your body function may be damaged. Because vitamins are an important element of the body's biochemical reactions, we need them to maintain normal function. Not only that, these functions may be damaged Some incredible forms are expressed.

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